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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

now i am in the libarary typing all these. already patch up with beverly and soew ting and shi yun...no point carrying on to be angry with them. and make yourself miserable...lol. and now it's siew ting's turn to be angry with them. bevrly and shiyun. cause they ignored her the other time. they kept talking to each other and ignored her. so now she's sort of doing the same thing back to them, beverly and shiyun... probably they deserved that treatment from her...haha. dono lah. whatver. maybe going out with the rest of the vball girls to cine tmr. not sure. hope dad and mum allow, esp. dad. hope pray hope pray hope pray hope pray hope pray. i hopee and pprayy everything will go well [i mean that i will be able to go out tmr] please! i seldom go out now lor...even lesser times than of that in primary school lor. maybe i ask sheena to come along as well. and now put away the iPod mini project and get obn with the contact lenses project first. hah. serves me right for choosing another pair of spectacles instead of a pair of contact lenses. argh---------------------------------------whatever. i seriously cant be bothered sometimes. and later going tampines mall with beverly and shiyun they all to take neoprint and have a delipotato. i miss it so much-dono whether siew ting's going anot cause maybe she's too angry to go. hope pray hope that hil' will wear my orange halter top...i mean she will look so sexy and all the boys will start oogling at her. OMG. hope rong hui does not or else sulin will probably kill him...[dono-maybe-not sure] haha...just joking lah... ok...gtg...buh buh.---tOodles---


pissed by beverly shiyun and siewting. very angry. ignoring them. too angry to say anything now lah. they sabo me!jinx me dun let me talk until the teacher ask us to present. then they ask me to do it. immediately call my name! what kind of friends are they? wtf..."pamela! ok you can talk now and present..." omg..they are so, a bunch of assholes. buh buh. about that.
me, simin, hilda, rachel,sulin are pink-perfectness. a group we name ourselves.
we are making blog and email for pink-perfectness...haha...
got spa today. first spa. not very good. not very bad. first qn bad. second qn bad. so ok ok. stupid mr tan nva give me extra time gor going toilet! hmmp! never mind. gtg. buh buh. -tOodles-

Monday, March 28, 2005

what a good friday..so much good things happened...ok, at least a mixture of both...went to orchard yesterday yesterday...went to far east and wheelock place then went to the hilton hotel for dinner, cool right. whatever. have to get clara's bdae prezzie. and i got yanlin's one ready already... and on GOOD friday i went to rachel's house to do lang arts proj. with sulin, hilda, simin, marcus and zi yu. and zi yu was "on fire" haha.and sulin was "zao-geng-ing" you can see it when she bends downs. almost everything. haha. i want to go out this friday. beverly and shiyun they all going kbox and they didn't ask me. do they treat me like i'm invisible? *weeps* *cries* *sobs* now i'm so pissed that even if they ask me i also not going ba...cause they will only ask me because got not enuff people go lah...so why should i be so thick-skinned right? whatever. fuck them then. shall not remember sad stuff. i control ma brain and what i am thinking. and i saw a damn it nice pair of slip-ons i want to get tham soon. somemore it's on sale. and i took neoprint with siew ting. must learn how to stop saying "really?" and "serious?" or she will get really pissed. argh. whatever. sighs. and i changed my phone number. you wanna noe, just ask me. ok? i changed it to the newer one, hahaz. forgot to bring keys today, had to go to tm to find bro to get keys. whayever. blur BLUR me. -tOodles- gtg. buh buh.


didnt do anything much on good friday i just went to rachel's house with the others to do lang arts animal farm project. with sulin, simin, hilda, marcus, ziyu. and sulin was :zao-geng-ing"! because she was wearing sleeveless and when she bent...you know, you can see.haha. ya, went to orchard yesterday yesterday. to far east and wheelock place then to the hilton hotel for dinner. cool right? haha. and i went to take neoprint with siew ting today, and now i must restrict maself from saying serious? or really? too much or she will get really pissed.hah. beverly and shiyun they all are probably going to kbox on friday and they didn't ask me,*weeps*. *sobs*, *cries*, do i look as if i am invisible? forget it...shall not remember because i DONT WANT to remember. i control what i am thinking. LOL. and must remember to get a bdae prezzie for clara. have gotten one got yan lin. argh. whatever. and must do sis's blog. *sighs* want to go out this friday since there's no school cause it's our school speech day. most probably going out with sulin they all now, since beverly they all didn't ask me. hack care them lah...even if they ask i may not go also because most likely they ask me only because not enough people go. whatever, they can do what they want. im pissed anyway. fuck them lah. who cares anyway. argh. sorrie. im feeling bad...very pissed in fact. mum's working till late and dad's not at home except the three of us. whatever. gtg.*tOodles* buh buh.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

having computer lessons now...hehe.bored...helped shiyun change her blogskins le...now nicer...a LOT. sitting beside hilda sulin and beverly.finally got my specs yesterday..haha..red..a bit A-A. nvm.it's style..gtg. try macromedia Mx. try...but i dont think i will learn anything...buh buh..tOodles']]

Monday, March 21, 2005

intended to get almost everything in the world that i fancied. but i ended up with only a pair of new specs and a new billabong wallet..ok..that's good enough...nvm...whatever...gtg...cya..buh buh...and btw helped to washed up t aunt's casey new house yesterday..and had a great meal yeaterday too..


changed my specs finally. and finally got a new wallet...yeah...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

sorry guys...i know i have not blogged for a very very very long time... so sorry... but then right it's the holidays! got a super damm lot of homework... and i haven done history report and chinese newspaper cutting questions. and i am sick now lor...sick...SICK. down with flu and blocked nose and runny nose and a bit of sore throat. helped out at primary school for SL training on tuesday. but got reward of a KFC meal treat. for helping out. so sad...it's the holidays and i am SICK! went to the waters to have fun... like went on this really really really "compact and small boat" it was floating around everywhere. and the waves were ok... good....not bad lah...quite fun...but only play for a while only...gor gor has gone to kel's house to stay. iris has gone to school left me alone with my homework. stupid.it's dilys bdae tomorrow... haven got her a present. but here....
happy birthday dilys! friends forever...
remember to get a bdae prezzie for me on my bdae hor...
shit. i haven finish reading library books. argh!deadline 19th ley...coming soon...
watch hitch with marcus, zhenzhou, yiling, cindy, peirong, simin, siew ting, beverly...ate at pizza hut...everybody spilt the cost...then watch hitch! quite nice ley. not bad...quite funny...then take neoprint...but peirong lost her dangling earring....so sad..
ok....buh buh.
-tOodles- all an illusion.i lurfe eu++++

Monday, March 07, 2005

cut my hair today. mainly because that i was sick of my old hairstyle. and volleyball and my brother said my hair was a stack of hair on my head.and i was really crazy+despo. hurhur. and today got stupid cme. the teacher was like-----asking us to do family tree and all those stuff. hex her lor. so irritating. and she was saying the co concert was how fab how fab. like duh!
ya... today is marcus bdae...happy bdae marcus. this sat hor, at tm, watching hitch by WILL smith, gee. i am so spastic, ooh, just cant help it. went grandma's house yesterday and after that went pasar malam. dots- and today finally change seats!!! yeah! whoho! at first want to sitt with beverly then she also agreed but then shiyun then said want to sit with her then i let her sit with beverly lor. then i looked a lil glumie and beverly said she felt bad. well, im not being bad or what but, well, she ought to. tsk tsk. but i reflected and just felt that i was very, uh, NOBLE. ya, NOBLE, NOBLE, NOBLE. i mean to sacrafice my seat like that! like duh. i deserve the applaud. geez. and there is still a frigging test on friday, lang artz. shoo. and i think kel is going to stay in acjc and tania is going to stay in sajc and donno about celine, sad case. and actually daphne knows tania! tania 's from 4j and daphne's rom 4k! and there vball practice tmr like usual, just without coach. MR CHEW, yeah! and people, guess what, i got a 291/2 , OMG!!! upon 50, ok! so damm low sia.
shit lah. and aloysius was very nice, he made me feel better when i was feeling so so despo. serious.
ok, tOodles. -ilu- hearttxx--------------puck up ma lurve---------------

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

hey people. i got 86/100!!! i beat super chinese freak yimei!!! whoho! that alls for a celebration lor. seriously. hohohohohohohoho.
sheesh. have science homework today! graph. draw graph. but today's science lesson at the laboratory sure was fun. the fire and the bunsen burner thing.
kkk, celine-9 points tania-9 points kelly-9 points all of them got 9 points for their O's.!!! but celine is not very happy. she is "so-so". is she staying in rj? i doubt so.
sheesh. so daphne knows tania lor. daphne was in 4k and tania was in 4j lah.
today's acc was boring... copy and copy and copy.
want to go and do someting fun and refreshing.
going nowhere for the hols.
sad sad.
bear's going japan.
shiyun and beverly withdrawing from 3rd lang.
i soooooo clever. didnt even joined when requested.
so bhb right me? i know lah. eu no need to say liao. me got a problem with blogskins. i mean ma computerr. shitty ass. shoosh.
me gtg.

tOodles. lurve ya. cyas.


today after school me and sulin go library to make class blog.
i already forget the 6/1 one le.
i so bad. naughty naughty. sheesh. geez. today completed the hierarchy project on language arts. mr ken took one week's leave. cool! today watched animal farm. so eh. 'toot'!
LOL. today ryan returned me ma orange.
but i rejected.
geez. i was still pestering him for it.
bought a kneading eraser today. hur hur.
today's science test was bad.
[still don noe what to buy for marcus's bdae!!! gee...]



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