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Thursday, September 29, 2005

the EOY exams are like next week. so i'm like fucking streeessed. lala. freak freak freak. ahahaha. i'm a lil sick. down with ulcer and cough and flu. eew. i think tomorrow will be my yan jiang. ooh. and the superstar concert will be tomorrow!!! oh my god. i wished i could go and watch. apparently the EOYs are sressing me out. so NEH. sad. and sheena called me yesterday and told me that shaina was with her just downstairs. and i was like what? SHAINA? why would she come? i mean, we are like super close la. but she go RGS then so far from my house then i realise she met with sheena after the third lang exam and then shaina was those who only studied and would NOT come to my house for nth.i repeat, WOULD NOT, ok???? hah. ok. i was shocked, startled, surprised. yeah. totally.
ok.ciao.cya. buh.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

the EOYs are coming. how fun. bro is sleeping is the room now. and i'm tying my hair. dad, mum and iris have gone out. living me the only truly thinking soul in the house. mum just got me a new eye liner from red fox made in korea. whatever, why would i need an EYE LINER? that is just stupid, cause why? i'm not gonna use it till at least 2 years later. by then, it would ALL dry up and crack. ahahaha. and my life is so fucking dramatic. serious. 1I lost to 1H because i couldnt defend well...*sobs* and they got one stupid goal in. which was totally not worth it because, wendy's ball was so NOT powerful and i could easily have kicked it 100 times more powerful far away. the ball rolled in cause i missed the ball and so did xin yan, but it's not xin yan's fault. it's mine. sorry, people of 1 I. sigh. my life sucks. i have two ulcers in my mouth now beacause i ate too much chocolate. WHY? because eating chocolates make you happy, so i ate a lot. BUT, there was no freaking use. ahaha. how retardedededed can i get. lalala. and i don't know why the ulcers are still there. now my lips are chapped and dry and look like they are going to crack anytime now. listen to "Don't Want You Back" by Eamon. it's nice. although a lil vulgar...hahaha. till here.ciao.
boring homework-filled sunday morning. life's GREAT.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I’m dead. I’m seriously dead. I got seria-usly low for both math and science. This recent common test, I got a 15/25 for science, 38.5/50 for math. And both my mum and dad were stunned by my results, they went like, “WHAT?”. I am seriously stressed. And I’m not sure what my pop and his wife will do if I like kinda just scraped thru my exams or flunk them. I mean even if I get really disappointing marks, I will be disappointed too, right? Yeah, but since primary school, I have always been everyone’s best friend and good little girl. Sigh, so I guess, they already have the mindset that I will do well for each and every exam. Well well, I hope they won’t get a shock when I get my results too, well, at least I hope I won’t score so badly lah, so I guess I have to work hard and really study and revise since I’ve already forgotten most of the things, like bases and stuff. I HATE studying. Yeeeee. Most people think I love studying, am a good girl who has no life, yak yak yak and so on. But whatever, I guess everyone who is related to me by blood think that way… sigh. Can I ever live with peace, being myself, because I’m always the girl who’s always having to live up to other’s expectations. I’m sick of it. I don’t even think I should be in dhs. I mean, do I look like those who would go to dhs? Yes for my relatives, no for my friends. Serious. But I guess, all my relatives thinks that way, because I’m not very close with any of them, none, not as in close in a friend like way, where, I can be myself, instead of another. I should have gone to cedar or st nicks! But whatever. I think, with a little more of this, I’m going mad. My relatives think that way of me cause I’ve been like that all my life, at least, since young. I hate it. At least, I think they are nice people, but there’s nobody my age, nobody to talk to. So sometimes, I dread going to my grandma’s house. Yak yak yak, they go on and on. Ok, back to the point of my results. I’m okay with math, but quite angey, cause I got at least 7 marks worth of careless mistakes. But I’m angry and pissed at science, cause fer that 7 marks q, I missed one step and the whole thing below was wrong. ECF. I got 2 marks fer that. WOW. Whatever. I got to go to study and yak yak yak. ciao.
p.s. i'm gonna be myself.

Monday, September 19, 2005

i'm sorry, gloria...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

i've changed my blogskin...quite pleased with it...haha...lols..hope you guys like it... tests and exams are coming up and i'm pretty stressed up. the ipod's getting boring... serious. lalala. and i intend to make more navigation... but i dont know how... sigh. i'll ask my lao po haha. i think she would know. stupid smart girl. i'm supposed to do my computer project now. so while blogging, i'm searching for videos and photos of plant respiration. Actually, i'm NOT supposed to be blogging, but yuanjun, hil, and yiling so smart, know how to do, but i don't know mah...sigh. i never listen in computer...yuanjun, hil and yiling are beside me, all to my left...and i am at school now... at com lab one. later got moooncake celebration... i never bring lantern but rach got help me bring torch...yee. thanks rach! beverly waechie and yanlin have gone kbox... i couldn't go because i i had to do computer project...yeah RIGHT. i'm so sure, i'm actually involved in the project, cause i'm like blogging now???
and i played vball for a while just now... with yimei, adryl, clara, yiling. shiying,katherine, and sheila played only for a while then she left liao...gee. and now i'm here... trying to save money and electricity for myself by using the com in school??? sigh. whatever.
bleaughs. seriously quite stressed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

it's now
kk,pple,relink me...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

hist test today, i totally screwed it. totally. you wont want to know what i did . serious. and EVERY TIME mrs lee walk by and stop by my table,i felt like dying. she would try to look at what i was writing!!! oh god. maybe i should have gone to rgs. or maybe not.okay. tmr's science. i haven really study, instead,i'm blogging. how pathetic can I get??? bleaughs. there's no more vball training, so me, beverly, siew ting and rachel went to kfc and "study". RIGHT. jiamin came and i am just so sure we studied. wow.since when we could actually sit down and study!?! sheesh. the world has changed and i'm so lagging. saw sheena... she came to kfc to look for me.and i realised one thing. my hair seriously sucks. not that it sucks. it's nice, just that it is so layered, i cant possibly like tie it like normal anymore!!! i've decided to cut my hair soon, seriously.beverly got A NEW HOUSE, A SEMI DETACHED. wtf. she's seriously QUITE rich. aha. nvm. another three years. yeah right. another THREE years. i wished i was some famous cranky scientist who can create a time machine of some sort and bring me to 3 years later. where i'll prob move house.FINALLY. OKAY. *snaps fingers* BACK TO REALITY.i need to get sulin's present. but... i'm broke. from a $150 to now $50. seriously, how pathetic can that get, what's with my spending problems???SHIT. okay okay. time's up. good luck for science tomorrow, we all need that bit of luck. ciao, cya soon.-tOodles-

Saturday, September 10, 2005

it's 3 am now. i'm searching for info for hist graded assg. oh god. it's the hols!!!i got a ipod mini all the same. yee haa.


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