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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

guess what. i finally updated my msn space!!! i finally realised how easy it is to use that thing! its really quite easy, and simple and quick! but i don know how to make custom layouts for those. gee. just go click on that little "x" beside "msn space" under "network"! thats how eaasy it is to take a simple glance at how it works! oh wells.


it's like 1 am now. im tired and bored and sick of the piling homework untouched on my table. gosh, im stressed.

went to visit grandpa just now, he's a lot better, thank everybody. he can walk a little better, and he's gonna be discharged soon! but he has to go for some therapy thing at st andrews community care centre or something.. but still, he's better! :)

i hate homework. i got seriously a lot of holiday homework. i hate school! :(
im too bored. i love Hu Ge. My heart is with him already!!! love---------Hu Ge.

oh. BYE.

Monday, May 29, 2006

i really wanted to post abt somehting nice. BUT. i came aross aomething that is so uttely horrid. i think tts because i haven been to friendster for quite a long time.

the moment i logged on to friendster i was totally disgusted by the ACBC people. don know whats ACBC???

ACBC: act chio buai chio/ act cute not cute people, who are not only self absorbed, but also have no self respect. they make a fruitless attempt to act cool or pretty when they are not. one or two photos like them acting "cute" is ok. but not when the entire album is filled with their horribly looking faces staring ever so sweetly into the camera. OH COME ON! get a life.

people just get disgusted at you and make comments abt you behind your back when you dont know it at all. but most of the times, these people don really care bcos they don have any self respect at all, like flaunting your oh so beautiful faces on Net? dont they have anything else to do besides taking pictures? i dont understand why im so angry either. im just pissed at this people. some of them are my friends la. when i look at their profiles. im like.


no i dont. some of them are unknown to me but they just add me. like uh. whatever. if they had a little more self control and were a bit more classe. i might acknowledge them as aquaintances. or else, itll just be.

hi stranger. i don know you. why are you in "My Friends"? oh just get away from my life. get your own. BYE.

EXACTLY my point. oh. this is such a bad bad post. and i feel oh so guilty-NOT. at least i h ave the guts to say it here. im completely honest in my blog when i say it. the point is, do i want to say it. oh gosh, if you are unhappy, then you can just press alt F4. oh, if you have the guts, TAG my board, cause i believe you are just one of them. whatever. a little entertainment would be fine.

oh. im sorry if i offended anyone. if you cant help it bcos its your nature. then i guess you cant do much either. happy taking pictures.

(gosh. i think my post sounds harsh, but again, i dont care.)


Saturday, May 27, 2006

yes. as my title says it. today is a wonderful day. absolutely lovely day, with a only a few hiccups that were really quite worthed it.
1. Me and siewting went to eli's house to do IVP project. i was late. but only a lil. hah. we walked all the way into eli's house. eli's house is seriously ULU. which means remote. sigh. must walk quite long to get in. tsk. then we didn't do much either.
-we walk into eli's small but cosy room and start crapping
-i start opening and checking out her room although ive been to her house. we found a lot of things. she never known she had a musical box at the back of her cupboard!!! her cupboard is seriously neat. compared to mine.
-we started playing a game of cluedo. i won. yay^^
- we started cutting the sponge and magnets
-we started pasting them on the sponge and doorframe
-magnet didnt work very well, so we decided to use velcro.
-tested the prototype. DONE.
-watched jimmy neutron

2. We wen to Eastpoint cause i knew TS was having a sale. i changed my chinese paladin VCD to the The Little Fairy VCD! oh yay^^ i hope it'll be nice. i love hu ge. i only had to top up $8 instead of $20 because of the discount. wahaha.

3. We were then on the mrt at Eunos when eli's dad called. He forgot to bring his keys. and we have to go all the way back to open the door for him. ............................. so we went back, but he hailed a cab for us to marina after that. and he gave eli quite a lot of money. so it really was just a small hiccup.

4. then we went to cartel to eat, then shopping we go!

5. but before that, we had to get our movie tickets! so we watched xmen 3 but first row, 6.30. sigh. but it was ok. we got the mega popcorn and 2 drinks for $10. it was our dinner. xmen was effing nice. hugh grant rocks. too bad he's too dumb in the show. why couldnt they just bring jimmy/leech to jean and stop her? dump people. the gross part is when angel tried to cut off his wings. sad., his wings are so beautiful! and cyclops and jean died and xiavier died. and magneto may be able to come back. tsk. whats with the show. hah. and cyclops was supposed to be on e of the main characters. but he hardly did anything. he was like in the show to die. diao.

6. we entered a damn lot of shops but we stopped at mango. eli bought me a pair of white chic berms. Thanks eli! :D she's so nice. then i bought a top for myself. we kept trying on clothes. but eli didnt buy anything. i think i'll enjoy today. she'll enjoy her day when its her birthday. she bought the pants for my bday. we spents like 60 plus each for everything. goodness me. i've got like 5 cents in my wallet? oh great.

then we watched the movie and went back. i went to mama's house. mum and aunt mary were making ba4 zhang3. yay^^ its like everythings so different this year, usually, there would be a lot of people at mama's house today... bcos ah goong is hospitalised, everything's so dull. nobody came except me iris mum aunt mary mark and mandy with mama. its like where's everyone. suddenly it feels like time has really shown its presence. all these years i never worried about getting old and getting marred and having children, then grandchildren and then die kind of thing, now its like. whoa. my grandparents are old. mum and dad are aging. bro's in NS, im 14, a teenager. soon i'll be an adult. i cant imagine myself getting married and so on.. i cant. life's suddenly so predictable, yet so near, yet so far. it's just... weird.

then i ate one ba4 zhang3 and im home now. blogging about today. today has been a wonderful day even though im broke and i still owe eli 25 bucks. but it felt so worthed it. eli. if you are reading this. i just want you to know that you are one of the greatest friend ive ever had! serious. :) you are great, wonderful, thanks so much for making my day such a lovely one. and thanks for the present. i promise, your birthday will be just as lovely, if not, lovelier!

dad's in bintan, bro's gone clubbong i think. mum and sis are sleeping. im done for the day. today has been one of the best days of my life, it will forever to etched in the back of my mind, thank you everyone for making my day such a great one, esp eli.


Friday, May 26, 2006

it's the last day of school! FINALLY. wahahaha. one month of, play+homework+revision+study. TSK. not a very good deal actually. depends really. i have to study. i got back report book today. i have to jue2 wu4 man. seriously. i didn't do very well la. so don ask me how much i got for GPA and stuff. sigh. my life's a mess.

today i found tashi's letter! haha. got to write back to her. it was under my seventeen mag la. DIAO. thank you tashi for her lovely birthday present to me! :) it was an angellic silver necklace from perlini's silver.

su and gloria got called by VJC already, for interview. i never receive, so i dont think i will get called ba, sad sad. but never mind really. cause im not really desperate to go in. sigh... i think ryan really wants to go in. im not sure if he got in... should i? i think better not la.

i want to do up my blog during the june hols. but im worried that i may ot have enough time cause im such a retard. i hardly know anything about php and CGI and MySQL database. what the hell is that??? sigh. i need somebody to help me! or just tag my board if you know ANYTHING about these kind of things. i would really appreciate it! :)

going to eli's house tmr for IVP proj! then we going out to sort of celebrate my birthday??? yeah. haha. :D maybe we'll be going marina square. i've not been there to shop for quite a long time.

today IVP talk was horrid. it was lame and retarded and a complete waste of time. i was forcing myself to stay awake la! it was awful. i hate lame boring talks! i cant stand them. my eyelids would then be so freaking heavy. gee. so i escaped to the toilet to wash up. haha. toilets are always a good place to rest, toilets are such wonderful places. hah. then me and eli went to paya lebar, i went to TS to see if i could change my chinese paladin CD, i think im gonna change to the tian wai fei xian or chinese paladin DVD.sigh. still must top up. im like so broke.

hil is so bad la. today i wanted to see her phone then she go and delete something first then show me and su! so horrible! su and me tell you everything huh, you still go and delete something then show us huh! you must be talking bad about us right. bad hil!!! HMMMMPH. hil must compensate! bleaugh.

oh. talk too much le. BYE.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

shiyun gave me my chinese paladin vcd today!!! i love her! THANKS SO MUCH! but i think im gonna change it tmr, to like DVD or something... wahaha. or maybe i can find my TIAN WAI FEI XIAN.


ohh.. life's awesome when its your birthday everyday.

tomorrow's the last day of school!!! yay^^ i love holidays. wee. should i work???



my post is so goddamn draggy. whatever. its eleven already.

sleepy sleepy.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

im talking to bro now... tsk.
convo ended. haha.

today is HAPPY POST BIRTHDAY!!! i love birthdays! dont we all? shiyun said she bought the Chinese Paladin CD for me!!! yay!!! i love shiyun! wahaha.

sheena's off to Shanghai tonight! TAke care. Rememeber what to buy for me lols.

just now me su and hil were gossiping away in MSN, then dad came home. and interrupted everything. SIGH. sorry hil. sorry su. it was so fun!

today eli was quite pissed with me for adding chilli in her porridge. gee. sorry.

oh. BYE.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

everything's been sorta great today. cause its my birthday yes? but of course. i love it. i love my birthday. i love may. i love the number 23. i love 1992. i love myself. bleaugh. beverly got me a pre birthday present present. like four eggs that were drawn with markers? ya and hersheys kisses and fruit plus and mint plus??? DIAO. but i love it too. thanks bev and people involved of course.

hellooo. my computer is repaired!!! YAY^^ i love my computer now. its so new and stuff. i changed my keyboard too. now it feels like a labtop. geez. im not really used to it. i haven posted a decent post for ages. as in, in my opinion of a decent post la. oh, never mind.

i've finally updated my friendster. oh yay^^ like i haven touched it for like ages and now, i finally, erm well, TOUCHED it. hah. im like finding an escape from reality by spending time in front of the computer, you can say? my grades are so horrible. i got a B overall, i got A,A,B,B,C,C. how lovely. gosh, i think im gonna cry.

oh yes.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! the lushikoh blog has been deleted cause Ryan managed to get in. He disabled the password prompt! Thus, it has been deleted. He claims that he did not read the contents inside. But who is to trust him??? LOL. so forget it. it has been deleted. the information inside is too precious to leak out. i wont tell you if there's a new one anymore. Neither am i going to tell you the URL. WAHAHA.

life's a mess. i hope the holidays arrive faster with less homework. cliche wish o mine, please come true. and i will promise that i'll try to post whenever i can. :)

okayy. BYE.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

hello. i finally post after so so so long. today is the eve of my birthday. tomorrow is my birthday. yay^^ i will turn fourteen! oh god. how ancient. so OLD. freak la.

it's like the last week of this term! yay^^ the holidays are coming. i think im gonna sign up for courses... like guitar and dance??? wahaha. if i ever get to that...

wee. xiaoyao is so shuai.


Monday, May 15, 2006

this is the uber cute one:

this is him and her, Hu Ge(Xiaoyao) and Liu Yi Fei(Ling Er)

this is him, with An Yi Xuan(Yueru), huggies! aww.. An Yi Xuan is so fortunate! hmmmph!

this is him in a black top. you dare say he's NOT shuai!?!

**sorry my posts these days have all been his pics and about him. im just crazy and mad and obsessed. wahaha. but ill still post if it's worth posting! BYE!




Photobucket - Video and Image Hostinggosh. im falling mad over xiaoyao and ling er and the show. i added them to my fanlisting! i joined them!!! and i found pictures of xiaoyao. he's so cute. just look at him in the avatar!?! i think im gonna put this avatar everytime i post. wee. i love him too much. i think im gonna change my blogskin to him. oh my god.

they were saying that the songs sang in chinese paladin were not sang by him, but so obviously not. his voice in the show is like exactly the same as the one as it is the CD!!! how can they find someone who has exactly the same voice. although i went to see one page where there was a video on him talking. the voice was totally diff. but i cant be sure bcos i could only hear the video.. there was no pic whatsoever. tsk. i really hope its him who sang it cause thats the whole reason why i bought the theme song CD in the first place! bleaugh.

i want to marry him. if only i could. RIGHT. i used this avatar among the millions og avatars because it has him in all aspects, in the diff shows he acted lol. how i wished and wished. gee.

i am going to buy his album if he ever releases one. i heard that he may be releasing one!!! oh yay^^

there's supposed to be training now, but i have to this vip thing and visit ah goong later. so ya. there's no school tmr yay, for polling day, but i have to go yuehuan's house to do geog proj. how mood dampening. blah.

BYE. i love xiaoyao again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i cannot believe how shuai hu ge is. just click on the bottom links.
the first page is weird for this one. click on the other pages.
this one's his songs.
this one is his english forum.
this is his fan listing.
thats all for today. go google him. tag me if you find out more! :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

level camp sucked like don know what!!! i know that the teachers did their best to keep it enjoyable for us, but still, it wasnt very fun in my opinion. sheesh. my mense came and i couldnt play most of the water games. how suai. seriously. and everything was so filthy and dirrty. like eww. ants and mosquitoes were like predators and we were like the prey. wtf right. the first night was esp horrid. we slept in a antsy tent, and the ants kept biting and biting, all over, big ones, small ones. EVERYWHERE. even our scalp. can you even imagine? i woke up at like 3 plus 4 willingly. like nobody knows what time i wake up normally??? bleaugh. luckily we slept in dorms the second night, whew.

and i missed the campfire. i left the camp, crying. because my granddad was hospitalised, so i had to leave. tsk. i really didnt know what happened to him, so i have been visiting him everyday at Changi General Hospital. He's still in a critical condition. He sorta suffered a stroke and.. sigh. i seriously don know. life's a mess.

oh, i met tashi during the camp. she's uber nice and fun to be with??? like totally. she's a lil taller than me, shes in dance, golf, and taking piano grade 8. and she has long legs and she looks like she isnt from singapore. like whoa. i don have her pic or i could post it here.. nvm. she's really nice and stuff, but she's taken. aww. so sad.

today is post vesak day. happy post vesak to all!!!

we sorta patched up a bit but im still seeing how things go. i hope things will turn out fine. im not gonna say anymore.

there's chinese paladin later, FINAL EPISODE. i think i can just die. gosh, i love xiaoyao aka hu ge. lovee***

anyway, gotta do vjc application thing. BYE.

p.s. for tomorrow, happy mother's day!
p.p.s. two, fourm six, eight, ten more days till my birthday!!! :)


Saturday, May 06, 2006

im so sorry i haven posted in like ages... this is because my com has been attacked by some spyware and com virus thing. it is still under repair. im using my aunt's labtop now to post. oh, how desperate RIGHT? i know, but nvm, its better than nothing. im actually supposed to do my history debate worksheet now but im like secretly blogging. but i cant help it can i? whatever. hmmm.

dad's birthday was a few days ago and so,
i bought a tiny lil cake for him. wahaha. mango cake from four leaves. wee.

and yes, napfa 2.4 run was like yesterday yesterday, yes. im am so pissed and sad over it because. well, i waited for bev, cause she wasnt feeling well, she had asthma ma, so i waited for her together with siya, siya didnt mind, but i wanted to get an A for my overall napfa ma. so in the end i was like damn slow. not really my fault, i was just being a really nice friend. seriously, i think i wanna re run, hil said she may run with me if it doesnt clash with her CCA, yay! ah ya, i think i got a C or a D la. WTF la. i don care. i must run again. TAN BEE HONG BETTER LET ME RUN AGAIN. TSK. sigh. but 2.4 doesnt seem so long ley, suddenly, it seemed quite short compared to the 8 rounds round the field. and sulin said "haha" to me during the run, which is super uber ultra lame in ANY terms. kinda childish really.

today is polling day, i better not say anything much la. later i get sued for something.

i bought my xian jian qi xia zhuan theme song CD!!! yay! it's called CHINESE PALADIN. ha.

this is hu ge aka xiao yao in the show surrounded by two girls. isnt he cute?

this is the main pic.this is HIM.this is HIM and ling er!! so passionately looking at each other.. :) aww.this is HIM and HER.this is HER again.FINALLY, THIS IS HIM, HU GE aka XIAO YAO, aka, MY IDOL. the one absolutely cute and handsome guy on earth. that nobody dares to disagree.it's so nice. especially the two songs that hu ge sang. i think hu ge is his nick name or ni4 ming2 like a fake name la, you know, a pen name you use when you are a singer or a writer. especially the xiao yao han/ge, it is so nice! want to borrow??? pay me 5 bucks a day. i promised to lend it to mayping though. ling er cant die la! sobs. go see this web site anyway:

next week is level camp, i realised a girl called tashi is in my group, yay, she seems nice. so yay^^. whatever. i hope there wont be insects and stuff la. like eww? but i guess ill just have to get used to it during the camp, but paying a $103 to feed the mosquitoes is like ridiculous. like uh, totally!?! tsk. i hope it wont be horrible and muddy and all. just let there be clean toilets and tents and nice insects that won bite and just stay away. yes. thank god for giving us the hope that he will answer our prayers.

i shall end here. BYE.


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