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Friday, June 30, 2006

HAPPY YOUTH DAY TO ALL YOUTHS, too bad if you aren't one! Time isn't like anything you can control!

HAHA. School was fun today anyways. We watched Tarzan!?! It was an inspirational show? No way! Then there was a bazaar, i bought the Dunman High postcards. They were quite nice... Then we played these games.. The first one was cherades, second was some mind brainy game, then third was this bollywood game that was both mad and fun and just plain weird. But it was fun after all, Plus, we kept winning:) HAHA.

I went to teoheng to sing for like 5 and a half hours? My throat is like...UH. SANG LIKE MAD kinda, with yanlin, beverly and shiyun, shiyun left earlier though. It was like so mad, and beverly had a BALLOON with her, so it was like, whenever me or someone else isnt singing, then we'll play with the balloon!?! Like hitting each other on the heads with the balloon, then rubbing it vigourously with cloth, then trying to "attract" leg hair??? OH gross right. At least, Shiyun did that to me. That maddo. So we were singing and singing and singing.

And mum's sick, i went out for dinner and im here now, don know doing what. Bro's confined, he's coming back only on sunday, that pathetic brother o mine.

Oh bye.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Patch Adams is so nicee:) I watched the show today at the lecture theatre for a buck with eli and some other friends.. It was kinda touching as well^^ Then i saw millie after that, she came to my school!?!

Sulin got into VJJJ!?! CONGRATS^^ And i know some people ought to be ashamed of themselves by feeling both angry and jealous. Really, Sulin is a friend, a really really good friend! How can you be angry? MEAN LITTLE COW. Haha. As Su says it.If its yours, its yours. If its not, dont bother trying. Or try, But, if you still cant after trying, then really, don bother.


i think ill create another site! Like from
www.mykindablog.co.uk. :)))


you can mail me at this too i think. and i created another useless site haha.
It's under network under plugs.


Monday, June 26, 2006

I just had a long long talk with Dion. :) Really long talk. Whoa. It had been meaningful and interesting though. Really. I'm not gonna talk much about it because it was probably one of the most unforgettable convo i had, since so long, since so so so long.

First day of school today, after the june hols year 2006. SCHOOL is back, haunting us ever again, unwilling to get off our backs. Whatever.



Oh and there was supposed to be training today. But i went for Towner Garden CIP, which was a big fat flop. I missed a training just like that. GOSH.

There are a lot of nice blogskins at Blogskin [dot] com i see recently. That's good. That's good.

Dion's made me feel emo now. Sorry and thanks! ^_^

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yunia, owner of kawaiiprincess [dot] com has completed my request for a layout.. It's okayy.
Thanks Yunia!

It's bloody saturday. TWO more days to the start of school.

YAY man.

NO NO NO. i hate school. haven really completed my homework... But its more or less done.

And yes, i found out that Hu Ge is gonna cut his album.. It's gonna be out in AUGUST. YAY^^ i love August. Isn't this the best news ever!?!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Yilin is my new affie, her site rocks!
And i added sis' site as an affie too. Got 2 affies in a row! :DDD

gotta chiong homework now!

BYE. ♥

P.S. Please tag and pass me your button codes somehow, like erm, put it in your site or emailing me would be fine! ♥


I won the "Nice Site Award" from Simply-Precious.Net, Yay^^ I didn't really expect i'll get it though. WEEHEHEHE. Whatever. It's in "Fun" anyways.

Today's weather was like lovely, then lovely-NOT, then lovely, then lovely-NOT again. What strange weather!!! Suddenly, it was all cooling and breezy and nice, the next moment, the clouds have shifted and BOOM, comes out this huge flaming sun that just wants to bake you!!! Then, i didnt know whether i should put sunblock on??? It was then raining this morning, then it started to be really hot in the afternoon.. SIGH.

Training was pretty pleasant, with the odd mistake here and there.. then i went home with Adryl, she's really mad and super siau today!!! HAHA. Adryl the clown! Then, i went to find dad and sis to eat lunch then i went home, i couldnt take it, i HAD to sleep, and now im here, eating dinner while blogging, oh wells, i m gonna watch Green Light Forest.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello people!♥ The "Fun" and "Others" sections are up and kicking! YAY^^ I FINALLY got it done, after many hours of hard work. SHEESH SHEESH. Have fun, enjoy and navigate around! This is Hu Ge wersion #1, there'll be many more versions to come! :)


Thanks Glitter Dreamz !

I'm sorry i haven posted for a long time! But that's because i was busy with the skin and i only have one last week to finish up my homework! BLESS ME ♥

lovee ♥

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello. People, part of my blog is still under construction. I intend to change much of the entire look. Yeah. Wait a while kays. I hope to get it up soon. But i'm kinda busy at the moments. Yeah, but will, soon!

Thanks Glitter Dreamz !

Monday, June 19, 2006


****This is a very important announcement. My computer has gone mad at the moment and there's something wrong with my blog. Navigate and you'll know what is wrong. However, you can still tag me by clicking on "Others". I'll try to get the "Welcome" section back asap. Thank you!


Hellos hellos hellos. I added a kinda start to my skin:) There's still a bottom scroller for fun. Ohh, and remember to click on the middle of the enter sign! Or else it won't work. Then you cant get into my site. How sad.

I slept at a horrid hour of 2am and woke up at an ungodly hour of 6am. OMG. 4 hours of sleep. That's barely sufficient!?! And, i woke up at 6 because i had to go for this dumb yet fun science activity. It really was quite fun! bleaugh. The water from the rocket kept splashing when we launch the rocket. And i was doing the rocket with daphne. The instructor hit on daphne you know! WAHAHA. Daffy was so amusing.

Ohh, and my laopo is back. The ever so noisy Yeo Sulin is back. And hilda is spastic, don't know why everytime she sees me, she pokes me.


Oh wells. She must have inherited from her mother. So KE-PO.

Gor went back to camp today. The computer is mine, all mine. He's not here to hog the computer anymores. HUH, JEMERY GOR GOR???

I want England to win anyways, for world cup. Win England win.

Poem i made up:
Die homework die!
Get away and die!
Win England win!
Slap your ass and win!

Haha. How amusing. Sorry, i know i'm lame. Did you guys hear the Paul Twohill's self introduction!?! Hear it. It's darn amusing.
Laugh your ass off.

Tceh. Bye.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Just back from the bbq at east coast, class outing XD.

Class outing was quite nice! It was quite enjoyable. It was so much better than last year overall. LOADS BETTER. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO HELPED MAKE IT SO ENJOYABLE :) Esp Sinhui, our dear chair man X)

OH, and i did loads of the barbequing. Everybody should thank me for it, i smelt like charcoal on the way home! How gross is that? But oh wells. At least i did my part, i feel nice, unlike some people. sheesh. And yes, we finished the food. Guess what happened last year during class chalet? The chicken wings were not put in the fridge and it started rotting and the entire room smelt like elephant shit plus garbage+++ It was definitely foul, luckily we had the other room. And i ate loads of japanese kao3 di4 gua1. YAY^^ i feel like xiao qi in tian1 wai4 fei1 xian1! She loves di4 gua1 who is HU GE! Anyway, kao3 di4 gua1 is barbequed sweet potato, it's super nice when you eat it barbequed, you just put it in the charcoal for quite a long time, then you can eat it, it's super xiang1 and soft inside! OOH.

Then, me and eli went to the breakwater at night, i suddenly felt this rush of tranquility over me. I suddenly felt so peaceful and like wow. It was just amazing to hear the waves beating against the sandy shores and the breakwater. Then i started to think about so many things, my life, my ambition, my dreams, my family, my friends, life and death, birth and renewal. And i started talking to eli about death, how was it like in the afterworld and bla. Then when i looked up into the skies, i could then really see the stars, like so many more than what we see normally in the skies of Singapore. Then i pointed to one "star" and said, "hey, thats a bright star" then eli said it wasnt a star cause it wasnt twinkling. She said it probably was venus or mars. whoa. i never thought i could see another planet in my entire life! How nice. Marcus and kiayi was there too. Yes, but we didnt really talk much to them because... oh wells. It's just great to listen to the sea.

You know, eli was saying that the sea was scary, not scary in the horror kinda way, but scary in the way on how it changes. The sea is so beautiful, the sand is so lovely, the water is so refreshing and the sea breeze is just amazing. But the the sea is one that holds many dangers. Last year, there was a tsunami, yes, it was from the sea at east coast if im not wrong. The titanic, it was such a beautiful and great ship, but it sanked. Just like that. It's just so whoa. Scary.

Mum's back with Iris, they went to watch Xmen III. Bro's out, dad's out.

Oh, i sorta kissed eli on the cheek just now, and eli sorta kissed me on the cheek just now, a very light kiss. hah. Cause it was such a lovely night with just such great sea breeze. Whats a lovely night without kisses??? Siew ting was freaked out. hah.

Oh, and i finished watching tian wai fei xian last night until 3. The ending wasnt that good, they still had to separate, but they shifted to modern times, like the two of them walked past each other, but somehow, hu ge felt weird and starting looking for xiao qi. then they met and they just smiled at each other. then end. i think its like weird, do they know each other in this lifetime, can they rmb what happened to them so long ago? or else how come they just know each other??? WEIRD. the chinese paladin ending also weird. that guo liang said ""hai2 zi3" or something then hu ge said "ni2 ming2 bai3 ma1?" like so weird too, why did hu ge say that? its like not very clear. Aha. shows with hu ge in it have weird endings. but both shows were nice, really. i love hu ge.

Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIL. it's hil's birthday! hehe. the present's weird thru and thru. oh wells.

went home with eli today, we took bus 18 cause 18 came before 9 did. hah. I'm meeting eli and siewting tmr to do homework. yay^^

oh wells. better go. bye bye.

i love hu ge.

p.s. i tried to put pixels but theres something wrong with blogger. bleaugh.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

skin is better now. just that the "blog" part is abit out of the box, but still! it looks so much better! sigh. but thats bcos the previous posts were so long. gee. not my fault. oh wells.


i gotta start doing my homework gosh, i don have much time left until school starts.
i hate school. freakk.



notice something???


It's a bit outta place, but i'll get it right in no time. Please comment! :D

oh wells. today we we went to eli's house to film chinese MV project. feeling too rushed to type it all out. so BYE.

i love my new skin.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Spend a half hour doing your hair? [x]
Go tanning? [x]
Watch The OC/Laguna Beach? [x]
Own something designer? [x]
Go to the mall alot? [x]
Like Paris Hilton? [ ]
Cell phone with fake/real diamonds? [ ]
Own an ipod/MP3 player? [x]
Love Starbucks? [x]
Love flip flops? [x]
Total x's= 8
Black=fave color? []
Ever thought about death? [x]
Wear chains? [ ]
Like heavy metal? [ ]
Love Hot Topic? [ ]
wear black lipstick? [ ]
Are you pale? [ ]
Your hair is black? [x]
Hate preps? [ ]
Athiest/Satanic? [ ]
Blue, purple,red, green hair? [ ]
Total x's= 2
Skateboard? [ ]
Wear plaid? [ ]
Love converse? [x]
Think you're different? [x]
Hate MTV [ ]
Like to mosh? [ ]
Blue, purple,red, green hair? [ ]
Love skater boys/girls? [x]
Hate pink? [ ]
Hate rich kids? [ ]
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Wear glasses? [x]
Get straight A's? [ ]
Never had a boy/girlfriend? [ ]
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Have a curfew? [ ]
Always do your homework? [ ]
Never cut school? [ ]
Never drank? [ ]
Total x's= 3
Are you depressed? [ ]
Have black rimmed glasses? [ ] (partially)
Like Dashboard Confessional? [ ]
Comb your hair in front of your face? [ ]
Cry a lot? [ ]
Write sad poems? [x]
Hate being called emo? [ ]
Keep a journal? [x]
Ever wrote your own sad song? [x]
Have a sad layout on myspace/blogs? [ ]
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Like rap? [ ]
Tag? [ ]
Say "nigga?" [ ]
Drink...? [ ]
Wear rubberbands in your pants? [ ] (WTF?!)
Swear a lot? [x]
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play a sport?[x]
wear a team uniform/jacket, etc once a month? [ ]
mention a team on your profile? [ ]
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run everyday? [ ]
watch soccer games on tv?[x]
if you could, you would play your sport right now?[ ]
total x's = 2
Which one do you have the most of?

That's all. BYE.


hellos. I'm at my grand's now. bleaugh. if you noticed, i actually changed my font:DD.

im having hiccups now. urkk.

kathleen mandy and iris stayed over at grand's house yesterday nightt. they are gonna go home today though.

today, early in the morning, this stupid woman, i think its my mum's friend who is a hair dresser woke me up by calling at the ungodly hour of 11? i think so, i didnt bother to check the time... but i think it was. then she called and she said she never see me at her place for a long time, which means i never go to her place to cut my hair for a long time, and shes like, you must come to my place to cut hair ok??? and she speaks in the weird weird S-L-O-W way that is just way annoying cause i was so sleepy. mind you, i slept at 3. gee.

its like im the customer, I choose where i want to cut my hair!?! and she doesnt cut very well mind you. i think i shall stop. ^o^



Sunday, June 11, 2006

hellos! i found loads of lovely hu ge's pics! SAN, you can help yourself to them if you need:)

i'm really too lazy to upload them to photobucket and upload it here again:) SO please make an effort to click on these sites, i picked them from a million pictures, they are DEFINITELY worth taking a look! :DD They are either uber funny, effing gorgeous or smashing cute!!! CLICK CLICK on the sites, quick!

Oh, i mainly took them from his english forum:)
yay yay, go be a member. HU GE ROCKS><

anyways, i was watching TWFX the whole day, never touched homework again. sorry. ill do tmr! its like 1 am now? im super hungry, i just came back from mama house for dinner. Ah goong is discharged:) wee. things are getting better! Im on to part 2 of the show already,hope to finish it fast. its so touching now, they break and get back and break again!!!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

xian jian (chinese paladin) episode 1 of 34

watch the first episode and youll be addicted! :) xiaoyao so shuai!


hello! we went for a lushikoh outing! i never cancelled out the lushikoh outing under calender cause i know there'll be lots more to come!!!:)

me hil and su went to bugis... hmmmm. we went to walk around first then we went to muji and kino. we bought our lushikoh drink again. this time, its milk tea. its so much nicer than the coffee! then we went to take neos... like super a lot of neos, $30 worth of neos.. haha. i'm too lazy to really scan.. so shall wait for hil to scan then send me.. haha.

then we went to yoshinoya to eat again... then we crap and talk and crap. oh ya, hil gave me my present on the MRT, it's so nice hil! THANKS! :) then we walke around, oh yes, we bought earrings and our lushikoh burn book, its gonna be awesome! its a really nice book we got from lovely land... oh yeah, then we went to mos burger and eat frozen strawberries, they were really nice, it had ice cream in it! then we left lo. it was quite fun really. yups.

i was late.. dad was very angry... i think i really did it this time. i mean i told him ill be back before 4. but i reached home at 5. i took 28 with hil home. gosh. 28 takes so long! i shld have known! HIL!!! HMMMMPH!

oh wells. nvm. bye.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what a day, 06/06/06. it's quite cool actually, haha. The Omen is out today though. :/

i cant believe bev just pang seh me la. WTF. left me with those two huh! ming2 zhi1 dao4 wo3 gen 1 ta1 men2 bu2 shi4 hen2 hao3 what!!! SIGH.

I went to Ms Ngau's house yesterday, then beverly so sabota-chy, go and make me do all that forfeit for my birthday present. DIAO. but thanks for the present! :)

MY CHINESE PALADIN VCD. oh too bad it's not dvd.



OH! i'm gonna faint.

NVM, then i went to Orchard to find Yi Yi, we went to bunka to take the application forms, then we went to nydc and had dinner cum tea, yiyi said dkny instead of nydc and i was like!!! DKNY sell cakes? WTH. lols.she got it wrong in the end.. haha. then i met yanlin and beverly and we shopped for a while. nothing much, then we went home.

then today, i went to visit ah goong, he's really so much better! :)

and i watched finished Zhi4 Zun1 Hong2 Yan2, it's such an awesome show! love it to bits. <3

and here i am! blogging while eating duck rice for dinner. the duck's pathetic. oh whatever.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

hi hi.

hehehe. i just came back from the hospital! Ah goong is so much better. :) wahaha.

went to the SE concert last night, then i went to Marina Square and i watched Benchwarmers which was okay.

gosh. i hate homework. i hardly done any. im bored. oh. whatever.


Friday, June 02, 2006


go to this site. i assure you that all your questions will be answered! :)



I think it's good to start with a "hello". It's only courteous and right to greet isn't it??? How polite and sweet of me.

Talking about today's training... It has been a fine training, normal as usual. BORING. And hot. SUPER FREAKING HOT. What's with the weather? Global warming is arriving, people. Get ready to die. Oh wells.

Then, we went to Long John Silver's at Tampines Mall(TM) for lunch, and we saw a lot of the Campus Superstar people, like Yuyang, Zhiyang, Sugi, Adriano etc cetera. Oh, then we walked around the place, and Century Square, in search of Adryl's birthday present, in the end, we bought her a Maui Girl boardshorts which is seriously ugly. But, oh wells. And Shiying is super retarded, just because she's never been to Century Square, she's like so amazed by the 2nd level's female toilet, the Exclusively' Hers toilet. Bleaugh. Shiying is so spastic. O.o.

When we were in Isetan, I saw Ah Siong Gaga and Iris, so scary! Diao diao. But Ah Siong Gaga understands, he's quite depressed over everything la, Ah Goong and everything. Sigh.

Tomorrow's SE concert. !!!!!

Oh, BYE.


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