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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

heh. im at the library now, cause i dont want to go home yet. so here with me in the library is rachel c and bev. today was seriously my first time filming la as in using a real video camera, the few of us stayed back today cause we had to finish up with the computer project... yeah, then first of all we started filming the rehearsals for tomorrow's big big event(will talk about it below), clara was the one playing the piano. hil was playing the don know what in band lols. she looks absolutely funny. then we went to film the basketballers training, then ahaha. i was the one filming, although i didn't do a very good job out of it(i even accidentally filmed right straight into the guy's jersey pants. but AHEM, accidentally) then bev and siew ting had so many comments. what the hell la. im a first timer la.

bev just left. hehs. as you can see, i changed my skin, the template is still problematic la. but seriously, i going to change my skin again anyways. i love breakfast at tiffany's. why? firstly, it was mentioned in gossipgirl, secondly, it is so classy, thirdly, it is so romantic, fourthly, audrey hepburn is the main character, fifthly, oh wells, you dont want to hear me go on.

oh... while blogging here, i found a new nice skin. so i may be changing to that one. dont mind me. today's science was still the same, probably a tad better. math was the disastrous one, URGH. we had to learn something like algebric manipulation or something. it was bad bad BAD. there was no no indices test today also. yay^^ but there's like language arts homework. tsk tsk. so sad.

and tomorrow's big event, is the opening of dunman high's 50th anniversary celebration!!! yay^^ loads of time will be taken up for the celeb and we don have much time left for lessons. gee. wahaha/ then everything for the celebration will start after tomorrow, the co/ se/ band/ cs/ eds/ bla bla bla concert will hold after. then we'll have to sing the song specially composed for the event. gee. i think itll be great, the whole school singing at the zhen4 xin1 yuan2. how magnificent. and mr sng said if we sing truly well, he'll give each of us a hug. bleaugh. but nvm. the song is quite high and the notes are quite hard to reach. it was written by a sec 4 student who wants to keep a low profile. anyways, i look forward to tomorrow! but there's training tomorrow, but i may not go cause i have cramps remember?? gee.

yes, and guess what yixiang did when he saw some pink tablets in my pencil case(my panadol menstrual tablets)? he took it out then he stared at those words imprinted on the tablet. then when he saw the words, he was like "oh, i didn't see anything" then he put back into my pencil case and zipped it up. he said he thought it was drugs. i take drugs? im like so against smoking and drugs. eww. he is so amusing. now, that's a catch. ROFLMAO.

i shall stop here even though im not leaving yet. ciao.


today was a normal school day.. science was horrible la. i hardly understands a thing mrs teng said la. sigh. she goes so fast la. then yuanjun sit beside me like understand everything leys. so stress la. then i didn't go for pe cause i was having cramps, and i'm still having cramps. YES. yesterday was like one of the worst days of my life. i had severe cramps from 6 until i sleep. FREAK. and like until now im still cramping, although much better las. then there was a three period math, normal as usual. just did the ws and assg and went thru them. ms ngau forgot bout the indices re re test. yay^^ and the zui4 xiao3 gong1 bei4 shu4 ya? lols.... then we had public speaking. gee. it was funny, today's lesson, we didnt get any more kitkats though haha. we did a poem, something like a tongue twister, i don't think i did very well though. it goes something like this, im not sure cause i left my book in the locker.

i think i'd thought a thought
the thought i thought i thought wasn't
the though i thought i thought
if the thought i thought i thought
had been the thought i thought i thought
i needn't have thought the thought i thought

it's something like that la. we had BP test after which i don't think i did very well... for chinese, we did the chao1 ji2 zu3 chi2 ren2. marcus and ziyu were the hosts la. then marcus keep sabo-ing ziyu. tsk tsk. Geog was fun la. we were having a debate on the motion "Can genetically modified food prevent starvation/reduce famine or something along this line", i was for the preposition. then i was the speaker lols. nobody else wanted to be then i had to be. but it was fun. me and lionel and beverly kept rebuting yuanjun, rachel etc. lols. like rachel said " scientists have done an experiment on rats using GM food, but the rats died..." then i rebuted "How can we (human beings) be compared to rats!?!" haha. i was just being spastic la. wth. and a lot of others also la. so funny la. then kiayi, siya and eli kept doing sign like "support GM food" etc. those crappers.

then me bev and eli went to take 12, bev dropped off first then me and eli took the bus to N2, then on the bus after bev drop, we saw bryan (eli's bro) haha. yeah. then he went to tell eli's mum that i kept following eli around. like hello? we were just on the same was home, for god's sake. what a tell tale. then me and eli went to N2 and guess who we saw? mr chew tah lee. lols. he was like staring at us like we were aliens then he asked "ni3 men2 zu4 zai4 zhe4 li3 fu4 jin4 ma1?" then i said "dui4, wo zu4 na4 bian1 er2 yi3...". it wasn't a lie. i really live near the N2. gee. then now im home. gotta do the math assg 3 and study indices test la.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

haha. i finally added a link button. lols. tsk tsk. im going to change my skin soon la. so whatever lols. actually i decided to add a link button because of the volleyball blog. there was no affiliates to the volleyball blog when it was supposed to have to make it look professional or something ma, so i decided to make a button for myself and be affiliates with them los. haha. i know im very lame la. but since i make le, then if there are people wanting to be affiliates, then be lor. wahaha. it doesn't really matter la. heh.

we had training yesterday, i shall not talk about it la. bozo training isn't worth mentioning much. then i didnt go home straightaway, me and serene went to starbucks. we just sat down and chat lor. ah ya. contents of the chat is private and confidential. heh. it's like what we said during the the chat is like something... oh wells. you understand don't you?

today is BOTH clara and yanlin's birthday!
lets wish the both of them happy birthday!

gee. sometimes i feel like i cant say much in my blog you know, cause, there are readers, like duh, and saying everything in my heart will just invite gossip and rumours. LIke im a bitch whatsoever. like hello, whoever says im a bitch don really know me. cause it's not like i curse people on my blog or im really mean if you know me. im not like xiaxue who rants on and on about orgasm whatsoever(no offense to her fans, she admitted she was a foul-mouthed bitch herself). and it's not like xiaxue is who she is. she may be a bitch on her blog, but like you really know who she is? she may just be a nice person. so, please dont be naive and just say like, that girl is a bitch. and the reason being? She walks like a bitch and she talks in a shrill voice etc. like UH? thats what happens to me sometimes. i cant stand it. yes, i do gossip sometimes, but im not mean la. the truth is the truth, i have my flaws, but before you make any judgements, please, get your freaking facts right.
i feel like biting some one's head off. im not a tiger or a lion, but if i get really angry, i can seriously bite your head off. thats what i call mean, dude.
there's xian jian qi xia zhuan later. YAY^^ mayping, yixian, i think we should creat a fan club for it, lols!!! i cant wait la. heheheh.
okay. ill end here. BYE.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

im at bev's house now, doing geog project. tsk. tsk. ahaha. shes gone down to take rice. gee. i chen4 ji1 blog. wahaha. today we had our first public speaking lesson today it was okayy. kew kew aka lion aka lionel won the kit kat for our group yay^^ he went "haaaa" for like 59 seconds. it was supposed to be longer cause he jumbled up in the middle, he went like, 49, 49.5...wth right. lols. bev's back. gtg. ciao.

Friday, March 17, 2006

hihi. there was training this morning. no comments on it though, it was just like any other training. bleaugh. then after training i went to gran's house for lunch, she just return from JAPAN. yes. JAPAN!!! She and gran pa and uncle zen and irene jie went to tokyo, osaka, and don know where. and yes, hot springs and mount fuji!!!

OSAKA was mentioned in Slamdunk leys!!!! i want to go Osaka and shen nai chuan wherever that is in Japan, then i'll probably go and find Xiang Bei lan qiu dui when im in shen nai chuan yay yay.

today is godammit FRIDAY. like two pathetic more days to the start of school. Eew. lets not think about it. there's CIP tomorrow. then going out with eli probably for a while. tsk tsk.

then dilys' birthday is tomorrow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DILYS. (early birthday)

today was quite boring anyway, i finished chinese le. now im left with half of geog, half of science and history mindmap. geez. this is a short post as you can obviously see. but never mind.

I want to go JAPAN!!! anybody got free tickets???

i know im lame la. But this is definitely the result of boredom and homework. heh. okayy. im talking crap.

ciao. -.-"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

weee. The stupid math trail is finally over,it's so dumb la.Honestly, it's like the most boring thing ive ever done in my entire life. My group is group 7, the student leader attached to my group is seriously the lousiest and worst SL ever.Her name is Anastasia, which is a lovely name in my opinion. BUT. She is so NOT lovely. She is so mean la. She said that she's got a bad group in front of our faces!?! And she's ALWAYS talking crap that nobody wants to listen, when it gets to the real thing like doing the math questions, she just leaves us alone and play cards with the others SLs or something. Like WTH??? I literally hate her. She's from Nanyang Girls and she definitely leaves a bad impression. tsk tsk. I mean, she has like, no manners and bad breeding and she's like so... oh wells. I think i don't want to go on. Never mind. At least i don't have to see her again. Wahaha.

Yes, but there were a FEW good things about the course, at least i've made a friend or two. tsk tsk. but i've only added chowyue from RGS to my MSN. Okayy, nvm, that doesn't really matter. Shun yi gave me her yahoo email, so it's not like i can add her. And, at least i know how to do the sudoku games now. It's not that bad a game actually. the second concurrent session was HORRIBLE. i didn't understand a shit the stupid Helmer Aslaksen was saying. GOD. What's with the soft toys he brought!?! Okayy, and one more thing i never felt so dumb in my entire life, the math trail was FULL of RGS, ACSI(yay^^), NUS High, Nanyang Girls people. The only Dunman High people who went for this thing was me, siew ting, xinyan, shiyun and rachel. Honestly? i don't know what got me to join this math trail. i'm never going to join it again. A 90% waste of time. hmmmph.

This is going to be quite a long post cause i haven really posted in many many many days. I went to the latest campus superstar? And Yuyang and Khim got out!!! weeps. i don't really like Khim that much but i thought her singing was very good. And i totally don't want Yuyang to be out can. Wth la. And i want to apologise to Yiling for the prank WE played about seeing Joshua Ang, lmao!!! I really DID see Joshua Ang la. He's got exactly the same face la. Even Shiying saw kays, Yimei and Adryl got BAD eyesight. Ignore them. tsk tsk. And the main thing is, i took a picture with Junyang!!! Like hello? We saw a big crowd at the side of the road at the entrance of Mediacorp at like twelve. People were surrounding JY, then we went over, jostling among the crowd just to get his autograph or his picture, see the horrors of being famous, tsk tsk. In the end, i got it!! yay yay. -.-" Now, that's a catch. The picture was me and JY ONLY, it was taken using Adryl's phone, and stupid Adyrl haven send me so i cant put it up. But i will soon!!! JY was sweating like don't know what. But, that's not the point, wahaha.

And yes, i've recovered!!! I will be going for training tomorrow. bleaughs. The thought of it makes me sick. Tan Jian Feng is so spastic(She's the oh-so-fashionable teacher-in-charge)!!! I'm not going to talk about her. But i have to say something, she looks WORSE that Xu Chun Mei. (Get the picture? Tsk, I really hope you do, ROFLMAO)

Elizabeth, Jia Jia(i think) and Marcus came back yesterday night from the KL Art trip. Wee. Eli bought my Vday present le. HEHEH.

There's still a lot of homework to do. Im going to end here. Yes people, enjoy the rest of the break! Ciao.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

hahaha. i gotthis comics fetish recently. its like i started reading slamdunk[although i watched the anime and have the anime already] and im hooked on it like don know what. hah. keep pestering marcus for it. paiseh. lols. today i went out with bev, took neos and talk crap cause we didnt want to go home, neither did i want to go to the presbytarian high thingy. im sick ma. wee. wee. luckily i got to sign my test papers safely. want to know how? want to know how? mum was so absorbed in watching her show, then i asked her to come secretly like something happen then she ran in saying "hi-ya!" then i showed her and i asked her to sign then she just say a few sentences then she scribbled her signature and returned to watching her show. AHHAHA. im SO SMART. i know it. i just know it.im a genius!
and FINALLY! i found someone who agreees with me!!! MAYPING!!! she agrees theat xiaoyao is the cutest guy ever and that he should be with ling er! the show is coming in like another 48 hours YIPPEE> wahaha.
happy happy.
p.s. two, four, six, eight, one more day till end of school for term one!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

haha. im at the library lols. with eli. bleaughs. theres vball later. we end school today at 12.30. so we are bored. so we came here to use the computer and FREEE internet. bla bla bla.
bro is happy. he's going to bring me shopping on mon afternoon. im so not going training. wahaha. and yes. nvm. i wanted to say something then i decided not to say. bla.
we may have another lushikoh outing during march hols. yippee. so fun. lmao.
and me bev yanlin and siewting and maybe some others are going teoheng tmr! yay^^ and before that we've gotta go to bev's house for science proj. bleaugh. GRH and shiyun not coming because of cca. so sad.tsk tsk.
sheena's coming later! we are going to have a movie marathon. wahaha.
it's like me and bro are doing everything we cannot do NOW. cause dad's gone to jakarta for the weekend. bahahaha.
i decided to join the pink fanlisting or something. will change blogskin soon too i think. wahaha.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

bro got B,C,C for A levels. wee.


hehehey. today some of the class people were getting either nicknames(for those already with an english name) or an english name for those without one. wee. so far, it's like this:
Sinhui: Blossom
Rachel Tang: Bubbles
Yuan Jun: Buttercup
Siew Ting: Probably Lola (not sure yet)
Yixiang: Peter (Rabbit) [xiao3 hei1 tu4 anyone???]
Jing JIe: Jasper
Ziyu: Terence
Yiling: Ella (not sure yet)
Hilda: Hebe (not sure yet)
Shuyi: Selena (not sure yet)
wAHahaha. spastic? lame la. but whatever. it's all for the fun of it. and yes i got full marks for malay test. yippee! SYABAS. i think we'll be getting back our math test tmr lols. i hope i don't fail... tsk tsk. for math today, we went on to solving math quandratic equations... it's okay la. but some of the more difficult ones i still don't know how to do. bleaugh.
and computer was so fun today! how i wish i got the thing to upload the videos that we took. i was the very first one to be in the video! i had to run to the bell happily and shout shang4 ke4 le4!!!! wee. it was quite fun actually. *screams of joy*
yes. me, siewting and elizabeth went to bugis yesterday and took neos yay^^ the $11 AGAIN. gee. and we went to kino and i wanted to buy a comic. i wanted to try reading one la. but i haven't bought. i'm debating-nicole richie[the truth about diamonds] or the entire series of comics? or the 'you know who you are' or paris hilton's autobiography??? ah yo.and i haven't bought the birthday present yet! sigh. i need to buy it soon leys. and the slamdunk anime too.
siewting was like angry with me and beverly just now i think. but it's really not our fault we couldn't contribute to the process thingy cause we really don't know! at least we stayed back to help! then ah ya... i don't wish to say anymore.
pe today was a frigging bitch. it was so sickeningly hot and we had to run four rounds with timing!!! and of all things, we had to play FLOORBALL. WTH. i can't wait to play volleyball. *squeals*
nvm. ending here le la. ciao.
loves xiaoyao like hell. i hope the show doesn't end. bleaugh.
(loves xiaoyao) ^10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


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