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Monday, October 31, 2005

we were at bugis yesterday when we got cheated. this lady came to us talking about perfumes and ah ya. we just got cheated. too to say any more lah. so ya.
i got new slippers yest, cause rachel insisted on getting it for me cause my strap came off when she kept stepping on it.
and guess what. the lady is the NOT the main topic. but cant say anything.
work yest was slow and ok lah.
whatever. too pissed to type le. ciao.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

it's marking day today and tomorrow! exams are over. that means one thing, enjoy and relish the moment. TOTALLY.
hahaha. yesterday was interclass! but i guess we lost??? hah. not that i expected that we win...but yeah, whatever. so i played the first half, then didnt play le. i was referee the most of the time yesterday!!! yay. it was so so sho fun. hahha. then i went out with cindy after wards. we took a cab to suntec and at first the cabby driver was quite friendly then he started talking about his son getting 273 or smth for psle, gone to hwa chong, very smart yadda yadda yak yak. OMG. we will like. "uh...wah...so smart, yeah so smart"????seriously. super boastful + proud!?! then we wanted to watch corpse bride so so sho much, we went to eng wah but guess what? there wasn't any left!!! so sad lor. i super wanted to watch that show.then we just went to eat japanese udon noodles. it was nice. light and simple. eating it dipped in soy sauce was like super nice too. but elmo mah said it was toooooo salty. which was totally wrong[as usual]. then we bought half salted and half sweet.course ah mah was so troublesome. she wanted to buy SWEET popcorn. can anybody spell e-e-w??? hahah. jk. but salted popcorn is so much nicer!so we went from suntec to millenium walk to marina to citilink and back and forth.i bought three boxes of royce chocolates each $12.60. one for aunt casey, two for bro. but sort of regretted it after passing by the Godiva outlet and Candy Empire at Millenium walk. then guess what??? we got our hair cut at QB House at Millenium walk! together. got like a free comb, just like EC House. haha. we wanted to go bowling since we were bored, but, the attendant wasn't there. cindy didnt want to spend so much money either, so she didnt buy much too. she exceeded by $2! she was not supposed to spend $30, but she spent $2 extra, so she was left with $28. then we went home at like 3??? i was so sad. but cindee was tired. i was a lil too. gee. but i told my mum i would be back at 6. eee. nvm. that was yesterday.today is mommy's birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! :pwhoa, my mom's birthday is today! but it was also my first day of work at canadian pizza, as a phone operator! so i waited for beverly at giant, was a lil late because i had to wait for the bus. i was watching initial d in the electronics department in giant! the ending race when i saw katherine and her friend, i'm always bumping into katherine! haha. then beverly came and we went off. so we went to the shop, it was quite near bedok interchange. i sat at the counter, learning how to pick up calls. it was 4 bucks an hour. first you must say, "good evening,241 pizza,pamela speaking, how can i help you?" so i said that to every call i received. haha. quite scared at first but was better afterwards. beverly's sis cheryl, looked quite scary to me. she was pissed at one of the driver, he like went for two hours and still haven deliver. whoa.there were a few complains about why the pizza haven come and a few enquires too, like which is the nearest outlet you could dine in from simei or whatever. when there was no calls, we watched tv, talked to beverly, do some other stuff. had hawaiian pizza and potato wedges with peach tea for dinner. i earned like $18 from 4.30 to 9. i dont noe why but everytime i see beverly's family, something bad happens, they are all in a grumpy mood. whoa. haha. i could get $5 an hour on public hols like xmas, but no way am i going to work on christmas!haha. i bought cha kuey tiao for mum, it was her favourite. and the new issue of seventeen came out, but haven bought. will buy tmr. bro bought cake, i chipped in. it was a breadtalk mango cake. AGAIN. a mango cake. mum was quite happy. haha. oh ya. received sulin's letter yesterday, there was so much things in it. nothing edible though. and letter was so short! hello??? haha. and yeah, bought a surfer girl bag yesterday together with cindy, it was like 2 bucks??? haha. so cheap! but it was to remember that day. [like the haircut wasnt enough, but whatever.]so yeah. it's like one now. cya. ciao.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

did you hear that? EOYs are over. it's time to act like a bitch and spend your money...haha. joking. lalalalalala. my mood is too good to be dampered by ANYTHING. esp. when i went to bugis today and shopped my ass out. not exactly. walk so many times before. now it's a lil boring. lets have a party! donnoe yet. walk too lil today yanlin beverly and lizard kept dragging away! HAHAHA. lol. then there were to fartheads who came and drag me away to the airport. they spoiled my day. yeah. i was pissed. but it's not entirely their fault. but yeah. i cant be bothered. so like i practically dao them. but whatever. they were acting like the lamest people on earth. esp about the home econs. lala/ i bought a book from kino! it's the newest gossipgirl book. nothing can keep us together. it's still super nice. gg rocks. haha. ok. i can slack till wed. no school till then. going to ah gong bdae at aunt mabel house on sat. the start work on tue. yay yay. lala.^^ have fun people. exams are over. enjoy ourselves. why the hell you think im working. i need to get some cash here peeps. haha. ciao.cya! enjoy!
ou pouri mai-

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

so it's like the EOYs NOW. as in NOW. this cming thurs??? whatahell? i am getting so stressed up lah! sigh. at first got 59 for hist but i redo the NYGH paper and i added like 7.5 marks. yay! now i got 66.5. a B3. lalala. haha. and stupid lionel made me pay class funds today when i had no money lor. i only had like 1 buck left in my wallet and i was supposed to pay two dollars ao else i would have to pay THREE dollars on thurs. how evil. and oh ya. there was a general knowledge quiz today and yeah, how general. so stupidly general lor...hah. wah lao. in the end,i ended up with the "ee-ni-mi-ni-my-ni-mo"s. URGH. and also a CME test yest.lol. yeah. now i have to revise and do the hist notes. sad case. dont laugh. btw. now i owe rachel 3 bucks cause i had to pay class funds and phtocopy smth. yee. i need to buy two pens and have reminded st to help me buy. wahaha. i'm sorry abt what happened recently. really. pple who noe who they are, i'm sorry.ok???
i went to millie's party at her aunt dorothy's house on 1st oct. erm, it was at least for me, it wasn't exactly entertaining, when i was like the only cousin there and was sec 1 when everybody there was sec 4 and i finally know who SWEETS is, well, at least he is better looking than XIAO JASON. disgusting. eew. ok. i felt pretty odd la, and it was quite boring. the games were um. not that quite entertaining also. ahaha. nvm. the main thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLIE! i even got her a $28.90 cost of present. ahaha. all my $$$ except tt 10 bucks from dad, not even a single cent from my pathetic bro, as expected. and $1.25 worth of nice wrapping paper. gee. grrr. i guess i gtg. shooting stars cming on. dad bought pizza from pizza hut today! AMAZING. since when did he buy? he must be out of his mind today. hah. nvm. we get to benefit.ciao. good luck for EOYs. we all need that luck, at least i need...P.S. happy birthday, ah siong gaga! :]


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