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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yeah it's early in the morning about 9 plus now and i just decided to post. For no whatsoever reason.

My blog is like full of stupid stuff and there aren't too much intelligent controversial things in here to debate about and talk about but heck la. I don't give a shit. This is my blog and i'll do whatever i want with it. :DD

I was searching on Youtube any movies for LA project, but much to my disappointment, i didn't find any.

I haven't done much hmwk, gonna start on it later.

Yesterday, went out with Shiyun, Bev, Siew Ting, Yanlin and Rachel C., to celebrate Shiyun's birthday. So yeah, we watched "Happy Birthday" which starred Louis Koo and Liu Ruo Ying. The show was kinda sweet. And very sad. :(

Met tachibana (Sulin) there with Gloriaaaaaa!!! :))

"That's a black bag la! Not brown! Aye, your eyes got problem ah???"

LOL. Cause su was carrying a "brown" bag, but clearly she was wrong!

But yeah, Happy Birthday to Zhu Ting, Shiyun and Shaina. :)

I think i said this before but who cares, one can never complain that he/she has too many birthday wishes right?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ok, i don't know how to start this off.

School has been pretty monotonous and boring recently. In fact, very. I am getting sick of blogging already... Homework and project had been pretty slack, even till now. Hopefully it stays this way.

But yet, i've been quite busy. With all the jap learning and random surfing and everything. Time just flew.

I cut my hair at Kimage so now it's ridiculously short. Like short short, can't-tie-for-nuts short. So i'm a bit not used to it.

Vday this year's gonna be single maybe not so sweet. I mean, after all, it's a day for couples and you can't possibly fake it and say: "So what if i don't have a date? I have my girls! They are the bestest things on earth!" I mean it's true, obviously. But it's a date where everything sweet and romantic comes alive and girlfriends are sweet but not romantic.

It's more like trying to cover up for yourself when you say that and don't have a boyfriend no? I mean, might as well just admit it.

Being single doesn't mean that you are pathetic or hopeless. Not at all. It's nothing bad. I'm not trying to "cover" up or try to contradict myself. I'm just saying that you probably just haven't met that Mr Right i guess.

But Valentine's Day is a day to feel quite left out when it's supposed to be a date of love and all that adorable shit. and you don't have a date.

They say in magazines about holding parties with your girlfriends and just have the party of the year. That is nonsensical crap. Unbelievable, not believable.

And for those girls who are...not very presentable, they read these magazines and feel joy for themselves cause, somehow, they find comfort in those words.

Sometimes, it's really just yourself that's the problem. That maybe you should stop niao-ing people so much, stop being so annoying, stop being so lianish, stop being so act cute, stop being such a bitch.

But these magazines find ways to cover up for them, like tell them, your Mr Right hasn't arrived, that's all. And tell them to spend the lovely day with trusty girlfriends and family. On one hand, that may be true, on another, it's just an excuse.

I'm not saying that all girls are like that of course. I'm meaning, SOME.

It's not pathetic for singles out there, just...sad, on this particular day of course.

And i'm one of them. Which is yeah, sad. But i'll get over the day just fine. XP

Yeah i guess i will. ><

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok, i was out yesterday night with Bev, Yanlin, Eli, Siya and Shiyun. :DD

Ate dinner at Pepper Lunch with them even though i already had eaten dinner at home. I was so uber pissed at my dad yesterday, he was late for like one and a half hour when he said "a while" Cause i was waiting for him to fetch me.

Obviously i am angry because if he knew he would take long, at least, tell me??? Seriously.

Never mind, back to topic.

The picture looks cheesy i know. But i miss all of my friends so much! :(((( You can't read the words it doesn't matter. I don't want you to read those black curvy words anyway. XP

Yeah so we took neos, loitered around. Siya, Eli, Yanlin and Shiyun left first. So Bev and me walked around cine a bit more, until like 11 then we took the MRT home.

I haven't seen proper lushikoh in ages too. :( This is saddening.


Happy birthday to Bev, Yiling, Shiyun, Shaina and Zhuting! Have a kickass birthday!


Yesterday's training for the first half was HORRID. We had to be out in the sun for like 30 minutes and had to run two rounds round the freakking track and i was black as shit. Like i was fairer cause i havent been much under the sun recently but that fateful 30 min of sun was out to kill.

You could bake a POTATO. Much less, me.

My stamina sucks and i don't know what to do about it. I've been sick with a cold and flu for 5 days and it's not going away.

I'm pretty much a huge piece of germ if this goes on.


I haven't done homework and school's been taking up most of my time. I have tests and projects and assignments and homework and textbooks to be read. That explains why i am blogging so much less often as the past.

And a long post should be expected each time i post i guess.

Dad and Bro has gone to Malaysia JB for relatives stuff yeah so i have all the time in the world on the com today. I better make use of it. So i think i'm gonna do homework tmr. And STUDY, of course.

Fahrenheit is coming to Tampines Mall on Monday!!! Hanakimi autograph session! I didn't buy the disc but oh wells. I could go, no? And so, i have a sudden urge to skip monday's training. I don't want to be under the damn sun again!!!

But i need to train for the upcoming matches la. :((( East zone matches are coming. Tsk.

I shall go do something else now. I don't know what.

Rashiko is in a terrible state. Hil go pick up some lessons. GO GO GO.

I'm goin out later tonight. After my 7 oclock show of course. Probably not gonna cut my hair this weekend. Going to Siyuan's house to do project tmr morn at 9. Holy shit. He has three dogs in his massive house. EEKS.

And I didn't know animals had mense! I only knew after Shiying and Siyuan told me~ It's gross. XP That's a proper reason to dislike animals now! They can't take care of their own hygiene. But why don't i see stray cats bleeding everywhere??? WHY?

Oh wells. I dislike my history relief teacher now. She's a bad teacher. She goes like "Erm, erm" ALL THE TIME. After each phrase or sentence she says, she would go "erm". Gosh, it's bloody annoying. And she sounds unsure and she keeps asking US.

Like: "Don't you think so? ERM."

I want adorable flasher Chiang back! He is an amazing teacher. He completely ignore those who are talking while going on about lesson! We don't have to greet him at all, nor when he leaves or when he arrives.

He says "Sit down sit down, no need to greet, no need to greet" and starts lesson.

"You guys must read all these up on your own time! I don't have time to explain all these to you all the time..." And he always finishes his PPT slides right when the bell rings. :D

And even when Steffi's phone was ringing so loudly, he just ignored and continued with his class. And his huge actions are adorable. And bulging eyes. And the way he speaks when he uses himself as an example.

"I would have my Chiang Dynasty..."

LOL. He's so much better than that relief teacher. School is now so boring i can't stand it. I need to go to boarding school.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

This page seems a bit ancient. I've got no idea when was the last time i posted. But i decided to post today cause i woke up too early cos i couldn't get back to sleep and my head was aching.

Or i mean, my head IS aching. Though not as bad. I'm been really busy lately. Last week was like freaking volleyball week with all the sports tryouts for the new batch of sec 1 volleyballers.

Then i missed school on Friday. I'm not gonna say why. It's simply too hard to explain here, so i shan't bother. So i missed the friendly match that day as well.

Then i was just back from Malaysia yesterday night. Thus it probably seems that i skipped school cause i had to go to Malaysia, oh well, that's for your own speculation. *hint*

(But not like i went there to have fun ok, there were problems~)

I haven't done much homework yet cause my head is still aching and i'll do it later.

I am really sick. Know why? Cause it's been like 3 hours since i woke up and i haven't had breakfast and i'm NOT feeling hungry. Which is way weird cause i usually need like food every 3 seconds or something. I merely drank half a cup of bland Milo and nothing else. GOSH.

Oh right, I got the SAP scholarship!!!! Yes, like omfg, cause my chinese is like not the best i know. But yes i got it. I bet most people are surprised. *rolls eyes*

It couldn't have been my results that snagged me the position of being a SAP scholar but rather my interview. :DD

Like only about 30 over a hundred +++ interviewees got it. So most of my friends didn't get it~~~ :(

So i guess since i have the chance, i'll just have to make good use of it. And do my best or else i'll feel bad for taking the scholarship and not do well. ^^

I miss my old friends~~~When is lushikoh outing eh!?!?! And the others of course??? When are we going Teo Heng again??? *sobs*

Friday, January 05, 2007

Here's just something that i want to keep in my blog so that i can read back on it and reminiscence. It's lame and somewhat funny. Read if you want, i guess. (it's a very shortened version already, i cut away the in betweens.)

It's a msn conversation with Siya.

The rest is history. There were some more parts which i wish to keep but apparently Blogger does not allow me to upload anymore. :(

Gosh, i want my old friends back again!

Anyway, Shiyun's blog is up and kicking again! Please go take a look, and tell me the blogskin kicks ass. :DD

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today was the first day of school for year 2007. It was fairly well. My new classmates...i haven't really talked to most of them so i don't know but it's ok, cause at least there are people whom i know in class.

I want to freakking sit by the window. It's opened and lovely and has an awesome view. Gee. And it's air conditioned. I don't mind the container classrooms, i honestly prefer them to the normal ones. (That's because the campus is old and dingy.)

The trees in the new campus are a beauty. And the steam angine train that comes every once in a while to Malaysia. It's gorgeous. I want to sit on it!!!

Like, the peaceful suburbs of Singapore... Quietness that serenade the soul. Indescribable.

Let's start with this morning ok, i slept at two yesterday night,i was fidgetting in bed for two hours. I suffer from a bad case of insommia. It's from my father. :( So i woke up at six. FOUR hours of sleep is not even half of the usual number of hours. I need like ten? =.="

You can imagine how dead i was, i walked to the MRT and met hil, she was early too, like me. Then i suddenly realised. It suddenly hit me.

That Su's really gone, like everytime i hang with hil, there's always this voice that's a bit nasal, a bit shrill when it comes to high notes, and always sounding so demanding and gossipy and full of knowledge. =.=" It belongs to Ms Yeo Sulin and now every morning i will take the bus with hil and there's no more su. It feels damn weird.

Not that i am unable to hang out with hil, but without su we feel something lacking. That girl is always talking so once she's not present, we'll feel a lack thereof. Right hil???!!! tsk.

And and, shiyun, yanlin, beverly, siya and eli and the others, i miss them too. :(( I want them back, all of them.

Sigh nvm, i couldn't sleep on the bus trip and the day started off with a long speech by Mr Sng and activities---DHS Xtreme. It was fairly fun for me, nothing too much as usual. I thought the game with the chairs and the flour and water was bad, cause they mixed the water with flour, they can simply just put flour can't they??

And my fbts were soaked. I had to take them out~And it felt wrong. AND weird.

But i've got to say that those student leaders and facilitators did quite well generally for the whole thing and you can see the effort.

Then after the whole thing FINALLY ended, i went to Bugis with Bev and Eli to get my pencil case and eli got her pens and bev got her notebooks for the year. Say, last minute rush.

I saw the bag i wanted already and i'm gonna get it soon. When i have money of course. Gee.

I shall not focus on what's after this week. Cause studying starts and bleaugh~

Oh oh, and MDM JOHN is my form teacher AGAIN. KNS >< She sucks, she's gonna chase after my skirt again. And her lame cold jokes~~~

Homework's still unfinished and it's bothersome. (-.-)

I've received several gifts from affies and i'll put them up once i have time.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Today was Gor's brithday so we went to my gran's quite early in the day about 1.30pm. I went for a pedicure with Irene jie and it was lovely. It was my first proper pedicure and now my feet's looking all buffed and good. It's like painted a shade lighter that chocloate brown. I wanted it square but the toenails were too short so i had them round. But it's ok, it was great. The scrubbing part was damn ticklish though. I had to resist my laughter.

Then i just came home from the cinema, i watched "Night At The Museum" AGAIN. LIKE WTF!? But whatever, someone had to sacrifice and it was gor's birthday so i sacrifice and said that it was ok if i rewatched. Cause Gor watched Blood Diamond alraedy so either one of us have to watch one of the films again. Ass.

I'd rather watch Death Note 2 twice la. Than that show. It's nice but a bit lame and cliche and all. Typical. Not too catchy. And i had to watch it twice.

Whatever, i'm waiting for my hair to dry while typing this and i'm off to sleep. It's three fourty am on 2nd Jan 2007.


Oh school's starting in ONE more day. Homework's still not finished!!! Got to chiong tomorrow. Lol, a lot of people think i care way too much about school, that's wrong. Some people think i don't care at all. That's wrong.

I DO give a shit about schoolwork. It's gonna affect me negatively if i do badly. And that's not gonna happen cause i only work hard for things that benefit me.

And thank you CQ for accompanying during the movie, although i think you doze off somewhere in the process. =.=" Oh wells, thank you anyway!

Oh and the dog at my gran's licked my pedicured toe today when i didn't know it. It felt a bit ticklish and a bit cold. It didn't hurt. But that's not gonna change my attitude towards animals. If i were to choose between chocolate cake and animals, the former being something that sounds delectable but i don't really fancy it, i choose the chocolate cake. :DD

I resisted popcorn and nachos at the movie. Diet plans are going well. Even though i devoured a slice of Gor's birthday chocolate cake. Gee. One slice wouldn't do much harm.

I am waiting for my hair to dry and thus i am blogging nonsense. Oh bye.


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