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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I feel so broke even after working. :( That's because i really am broke. And worse thing is, i don't really know where all my money gone to. Sigh. But today's the end of the month and at least i got my paycheck. :D

I watch Casino Royale yesterday at Vivocity with Siya and ELizabeth, we really didn't do anything heh. We just got Siew Ting's present and watched a movie. Casino Royale was really good. Daniel Craig wasn't handsome, he was devillishly charming. ^^ But it was so crowded at the cinema that we only managed to get the front row ticket and i was sitting by the SIDE, right at the end. =.=" Sheesh.

Then i met Yiyi for dinner, which was fab as usual, ate at Ma Maison, a western japanese restaurant. Like WTH, western and japanese so DON"T go together!?! But i swear, their ice cream with that soft Japanese candy was damn nice, and so were the garlic butter escargoes. YUM.

Then i went home and did nothing, i just lay on the bed and started watching a marathon of shows. I flicked flicked flicked through almost all the channels. Like MTV, Disney, Nickalodean, Jet, HBO, AXN, du1 hui4, cinemax, almost everything watchable.

I watched an episode of Lizzie McGuire that i watched before, That's So Raven, Spongebob Squarepants, random Japanese shows, random movies of HBO, and cinemax and loads at Mtv Asia and not Asia till really late at night.

So i've been sleeping really late these few nights and waking really late, homework is untouched though and i may not be able to go to tmr's training cos i need to look after my sister. Sheesh.

I'm so so so sorry to Hil and Su for not being able to make it tomorrow! :(( Sorry.

Oh wells, nothing to blog about recently. So bye.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok, i'm back from the vball chalet's BBQ, not long. I am so full now. It's like 12.35 now and i'm going out with Eli and Siya to Vivocity tomorrow. Yay, and not yay.

Cause i only have a frigging TEN bucks.

Excusez moi. Just tell me how am i going to survive at Vivo with only ten bucks. It's gonna freakking take my life.

Oh whatever. I'm gonna make my skins public friendly le la. I don't care liao. I put them in a section called "Blogskins" under "Visitor" in my site. If you want, then go there and take. Just keep the credits. That's only being polite, didn't your mother teach you? If she didn't, then i will willingly take you as my disciple and you can be a member of PAMELA-ISM. I WILL TEACH YOU THEN.

I was thinking of putting my blogskins at Blogskins.com, but they never managed to send my validation email, so until then, i won't post there.

And seriously, Shiyun, if i were to add more pics if your skin which i have made for you and looking so beautiful (look below), it would really destroy the skin. Cause the pictures will be out of place.

Imagine if i were to put more Goong's pictures, they will only be placed at the side. Which will look quite weird. I really am not lying. I can put music in your blog but iWebMusic is a bit dangerous. And I don't know other music servers le. :( I can put those photos, but it'll mean that i'll have to do your skin all over again. Unless anybody can give me some pointers on how to put those images into the above blogskin. I'm asking for advice! :)

I watched a few episodes of Prince of Tennis again today. I realise that tensai Fuji is really really really quite sadistic.

Ok, so these players in the show were running during training, and those who didn't manage to run a lap within a minute would have to drink some really scary juice. But the scary juice called Penal-Tea made by Inui (a player) didn't scare Fuji cause his juices had no effect on him.

Those who are last or quit, have to drink Inui's juice.

The all new Inui's juice--"Deluxe Penal-Tea"

This is what happen to those who drink, except Fuji.

When asked "If you really want to drink it, then why are you still trying so hard to not be last?" Fuji's reply is below. *shivers*

Cause if he willingly forfeit and drank the tea cause he wanted to, he wouldn't be able to see his teammates run like mad and tiring themselves out. So he'd rather run like mad with them and watch them suffer. (!!!)

I even got an avatar from somewhere on him:

Isn't that just plain scary??? Kowaii.

Well, sorry, i was so bored and i liked Fuji so i was lame enough to take screenshots of his sadist moments. But it's so funny. Sometimes, you need some stupid things in life that actually motivate you. And those are things, that keeps your laughter on, that keeps you going aint it?

Imagine a world without animes, dramas or whatever unrealistic stupid stuff. It's gonna be so tough and so hard to live in that world. Without Hana Kimi, without Prince of Tennis, without Ouran High, without ISWAK, without comics, OMG, that would be a world that i would never want to live in.

Sometimes, you feel that these stuff are dumb and a waste of time. But they really are not, they are what you are rellying on for a little laughter, a little escape from the harsh reality, no?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ok, i was so not intending to post today, cause Iris is sick and i have to take care of her. So i didn't go training. And i was supposed to do paperwork for mum. But this is one thing i have to keep in my blog!!!!

Like oh my god. They look so adorable. (LOL)

Ok, i was watching Hana Kimi episode 2 on Youtube. After watching, i just randomly surfed around, and i saw this. WAHAHA.

In this video, somehow, Fahrenheit had to kiss each other. (!!!!!!)

Wu Chun and Aaron had not much problems. :p

Calvin and Jiro had some problems. I couldn't stop laughing.

Wu Chun just had to helped. LOLOLOL.

It must have been hard. Jiro was like so meng3. He swooped Calvin up and kept trying to get near. Hahaha. Calvin kept resisting.

I couldn't get the part where they kissed, or rather, touched. It was too fast. Tsk.

In the end, Aaron kissed Wu Chun's cheek, and so, Jiro attempts to kiss Calvin's cheek too. Jiro is so goddamn funny la. Jiro keeps trying to kiss whereas Calvin keeps resisting. HAHAHA.

Somehow i couldn't put the video. Tsk, i couldn't find the code. So here's the URL, very short though:


Hana Kimi rocks. I can't wait for the next episode. Going to volleyball chalet tomorrow. :)) Bye.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I don't know why but i have been skinning a lot recently. I've even made one for Yanlin, featuring Wang Chuan Yi. Let me just show you a few examples. I'm too lazy to show the rest la. If you want the code, please just ask me.

***Once i've given someone the code, i won't give it to another person.

This is called "Frame It Up". It's like the old sixties type of feeling. And an odd gold frame smacked right there. It's like quite classic and all.

This is called "Rilakkuma's Cookie". It's like my first "cute" type of skin, like those i made are like kinda different from this kind. Nice???

Ok, i don't want to post the rest. I don't even know why i'm skinning sometimes. I spend so much time on a skin, and i don't bloody even use the skin. There's something wrong with me. And i just checked some of my old skins, some looked really quite terrible. I deleted almost all of them. Yikks. What a waste of time.

Hana Kimi's airing tomorrow. I can't freakking wait. I CAN'T. I love that show. Zhenzhen has some pictures of the show in her blog. They are so adorable! :DD

Work was fine today. I wore a dangerously short skirt to work so when i came home mum was like (direct translation from chinese) :

"Ah yo, you wear such a short skirt to your workplace!?! There got so many boys, not scared you tempt(yin3 you4) them ah???"

=.=" TEMPT!?!

"No la, you are wrong, not so many boys, ALL of them are boys. And please, i sit properly, so i don't TEMPT them."

"You must remember, you are a chinese (huang2 pi2 fu1) girl!"

And she walks away. I blink blink blink blink blink. HUH!?! What has being a chinese girl got to do with wearing a short denim skirt and tempting boys? ANY girl, regardless of whatever race, can do it. =.="

I'm reading East of Eden by John Steinback now. He's a genius. His english is completely off standards. It's beyond phenomenal. The font of the book is so damn tiny. And i read so long and i'm not even halfway through. It's so thick!!! But it's so good. :)

Oh well, Dad's gonna chop me. Good night.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ok, i was waiting for some friends to send me some pictures of the class chalet then post. BUT, after like one day, none of them came online so i decided that if i were to wait somemore, i will totally forget about it and not post. SO, here i am, posting.

Class chalet was fun, besides the fact that i got minor diarhoea thereafter, that i only managed to catch a pathetic 3 hours of sleep after breakfast (from 6-9), and the countless mosquito bites i had on my body. I'm not telling you to read between the lines though.

It was fun.

First day was quite boring for me. No offense to kiayi, who's head facilitator. Cause i got many mosquito bites when i went to Pasir Ris Park and my group was like so not enthu. =.= No offense again. I'm speaking the truth. Like Yiling, Hilda, Weicong, CIndy and Simin. Pretty fine people, but not the enthu type who would get all excited over "2i Amazing Race 2006". Yes you get what i mean la ah.

BBQ was fine. But there were always some people who were doing all the work and some that just didn't bother. So most of the food were eaten by those who did the work, which included me. Gee. HAHA. I find these people annoying.

Are we like your maids? You sit there at the stone table and wait for us to serve you food?

Luckily i didn't serve them even though i helped with the BBQ. I'm not trying to be judgemental here. But after being 2 years with them, last chalet, and the last BBQ at East Coast, you can OBVIOUSLY see how lazy they are. They don't even OFFER to help. LIKE OMFG. And when you want to eat, you very happily walk over and say "Oh, can i have that?/Is it done?/Are there any more stingrays?/Where's my bacon?"

Like hello. Blame it on my good upbringing and courtesy that i don't throw the tongs in your face huns. You like so totally deserve to be slapped.

Right, and my sweet potatoes, i bought like about ten of them, so about nine of them were missing. They were on the other table. And nobody was eating them. It was like opened and wasted. The table i'm sitting on, all of us, wanted to eat the sweet potato. And so, we shared ONE potato. At that moment, I was like, "What is wrong with these people? Even if somebody took it and you didn't want to eat it, you could at least offered it to the other people instead of wasting it!" I tell you, they were THAT lazy, THAT indifferent, THAT wasteful. I went like "Morons". I couldn't believe my class people.

Well, i knew some of them were like that already. BUT, i was like super disappointed with some others who were on the same table.

Oh wells. I want to write more stuff about this can. But i think i will make a lot of people hate me more if i continue.

Second day was fun, dizzy and scary. I went to Escape and sat a lot of the rides i never sat before, it was fun, some of the rides were dizzy and all. But it was awesommme. Haunted house was actually quite scary. SHEESH.

But going to Escape with Yanlin, Bev, Siya and Eli was the best thing of the chalet. Esp when they are much nicer people. And daring.

OH OH OH. One funny thing. Eli couldn't find her tongs for the BBQ on 2nd day so she went into like this moaning voice and said: "JiiinnngggJieee, where are my TONGS???" And loads of others were there so Marcus started laughing. They kinda heard it as "thongs". It was frigging funny. HAHAHA.

Enough about class chalet. It was fun overall, going to the amazing race with my not-so-enthu group and the BBQ and ESCAPE and the wonderful night where i couldn't sleep but had someone there to chat with. Thank you 2i!

I just had a friendly match anyway, against CHIJ St Joseph's. We won overall. Heh. Then the vball team (sec2) besides Siya and Amanda went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Then i took a looonnngggg ride home.

Hana Kimi rocks. I just started watching it. But it's not as funny as Ko One or as sweet as It Started With A Kiss though. But still, it's nice. WEE. Can't wait for 2nd episode.

Vball tee's design is nice too. :)) Hehe. Bye.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ok, actually i feel pretty pissed off now and i didn't want to blog. I am only blogging by request of a certain reader of my blog. Gee.

Right, i'm pissed with 2 things,
1 ----> A friend. I am not going to talk about this lest i hurt her feelings.
2 ----> Photobucket, an image host.

So PHOTOBUCKET. I am very pissed with it cause i was making a blogskin for fun, as usual. And this problem had never happened to me cause i usually do non-navigation skins. But i did a navigation skin today and this is what happened.

Photobucket resizes all my pictures, thus the body background was unable to fit properly. The resolution, as a result, was all quite wrong. :(( So it ended up like this when i tested it:

SEE??? When it cannot fit properly at the screen, it tries a desperate attempt to repeat itself. And so, the background image repeats itself. And i can't do anything to stop it from repeating. I couldn't find the code. *sobs* I asked yuehuan and she gave me some code which didn't work out and she went offline thereafter. Anyone knows how to stop the picture from repeating??? The original was supposed to be like this:

Isn't it pretty??? Now it is all ruined by Photobucket. I even asked Su for help, she told me to not optimise it when saving for web but to use 2-up or something. I tried, all, 2-up, 4-up, whatever. Even Paint couldn't help. And so the end result is the first picture. I am sad!

But oh well. Since this skin is quite a disaster and I've already shown it to you guys, whoever who wants the code can get it from me. Just ask me. I never post skins at Blogskins or show them easily to others ok! They may not be perfect but i dont't care. I just enjoy doing skins.

Sigh. Class Chalet is tomorrow! I can't wait. But i'm sure i'm gonna be late. 7am in the morning is a bit much to ask. Waking at such an ungodly hour affects your mind, body and soul. This is undoubtedly true.

I'll post after the chalet, hopefully with pictures and wonderful memories to take away with before i head up to 3G'07.

[EDIT] Yippee. I solved the problem and now my skin looks perfect.

I am so silly. It was quite an easy prob, no? At least when i look at it now. But still, i want to thank Yuehuan, Su and Yongkang for the help! :))

Sheesh. Whatever la. Now that one of my skins is revealed, i mightaswell just post this skin at blogskins.com. Maybe i'll still continue to post there. Hah. See how la.


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Yes, I've named the site WithLove. :)) I think it should be better than Charme which had collected quite a great deal of virtual dust. I should be updating in that site every now and then when i have time. I feel so damn happy with myself cause i finally stopped procrastinating about it and it's finally done! :D

WEEEEE. Go and take a look? Comment comment???? ;P

Oh and one more thing,


Phew. Please get that, people. Please!!! If you talk to me somewhere on MSN and you realise that you may not be talking to me but some other rider. Ask me this question:

How many volleyball mates are going to be in the same class as me in Year 2007(next year)?

The answer is 3. Yimei, Yiling and Shiying, ok? And i don't type sticky caps as well. Take note please.

But i think i'll delete that MSN messenger at my workplace's computer soon. So not to worry too much! :))

Bah, i'm done with the announcements, the weather has been unexpectedly unpredictable and inexplicable. Shouldn't the monsoonal rains be arriving? Instead, the weather has been weirdly hot with the sun blaring. Training is horrid enough already with all that PT, i can't believe the sun is not even letting us off. :((

I bought books for next year at POPULAR today, i spent like 45 mins looking for the books myself and found nothing besides The Joy Luck Club. It was pathetic, and i looked all around POPULAR. I never realised UHU Glue could be so interesting. HEH.

I'm chatting with someone on the phone and quite a couple on MSN~ So i shalln't blog here anymore. BYE^^

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i caught the irksome flu bug~ It sucks sucks sucks la ok. I've missed two trainings bcos of it. Which isn't exactly bad cos of the horrid PT. :P But i have to go to work with a nasal voice.

"Good Evening 241 Canadian Pizza." in a very very nasal voice.

Spell, "horrible". And i still have to work later. And training tomorrow, which i most prob have to go. Kill me.

OH OH OH. I watched "It Started With A Kiss" already. It rocks rocks rocks. It's better than "The Magicians of Love"!!! And now i'm starting to watch "Devil Beside You" even though the lead is Rainie Yang and i don't like her. But whatever. There's Mike He in it. :))

The great great great GREAT show.

On the bus. The subs in the above pic is said by the male lead to the female lead. Completely adorable.

When she told him how much she liked him! :)))

When he taught her homework, where the first kiss occurred.

He carried her cause she sprained her ankle. <333

Ok, i know i'm a bit mad for posting all these. BUT BUT BUT, you can't blame me cause this show is so damn nice. It's nicer than The Magicians Of Love cause i wanted Ya Si to be with Qing Kong. But they split. TSK.

And the male lead in this show has an IQ of 200. Isn't that amazing? But the girl is damn damn damn dumb la. Haha.

Ah, nothing to post about la huns. And i gotta freakkkinngg work later and training tmr morn. I feel like swearing. TSK. But i shall restrain myself from being so uncouth. So, Bye.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

hey hey heyy~~~

I realised i got to do some quiz thing cause a few of my friends did it and they put my name there, like several of them. Those mad people. But whatever, since they put my name there. I mightaswell just do.

7 random facts about me :

7 things that scare me?
#1 : that my loved ones would leave me
#2 : that i'll do badly in studies
#3 : homework&exams
#4 : the evil of the supernatural
#5 : no more holidays
#6 : having a pet at home
#7 : not understanding something

7 favourite songs at the moment?
#1 : Too Much Heaven - BeeGees
#2 : So Sick - Ne Yo
#3 : Hurt - Chritina Aguilera
#4 : White Line - Chris Rea
#5 : Gei3 Wo3 Ni3 De4 Ai4 - Tank
#6 : Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick
#7 : Amazed - Lonestar

7 people i fancy at the moment?
#1 : Hu Ge^^
#2 : Ryoma Echizen <333>*shhh*

7 things i say most?
#1 : huh.
#2 : what the hell
#3 : oh.
#4 : hmmms
#5 : right.
#6 : uhhuh.
#7 : and?

7 things i like/love most?
#1 : loved ones
#2 : myself
#3 : money
#4 : shopping
#5 : dramas & anime: PoT, Ouran <3333>stroooonnnngggg

21. Do you keep a handwritten journal?

22. Where would you rather be now?
nowhere. im feeling sick and i dont feel like going anywhere.

23. Who makes you warm and fuzzy?
a quilt?

24. Heavy or light sleeper?
heavy, i think.

25. Are you paranoid?
duh, it's a girl thing.

26. Are you impatient?
yeah, very.

27. Who can you relate to?
mother teresa?

28. How do you feel about interracial couples?
i think its great, we should mix around, i believe that soon there'll be no more white or blacks, we'll all be brown cos people are already mixing around. its the start of a new revolution.

29. Have you been burned by love?
i guess.

30. What's your pick-up line?
huns, ............(whatever that is supposed to be here, for eg, "huns, i'm not made of money.")

31. What's your main ringtone on your mobile?
some nokia ringtone

32. What were you doing at midnight last night?
watching "It Started With A Kiss" till really late.

33. What did the last text on your mobile say?
melvin asking whether my throat is better?

34. Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
what kinda question is this???

35. What colour shirt are you wearing?
hot pink

36. Most recent movie you watched?
the covenant.

37. Name three things you have on at all times?
the fridge? my handphone? and the clock?

38. What colour are your bedsheets?
no idea. i change too frequently.

39. How much cash do you have right now?
none~ im at home.

40. What's your favourite part of the chicken?

41. What's your favourite town/city?
america, new york.

42. I can't wait 'til:
hmmms, too many to list.

43. What did you have for dinner last night?
was at gran's, rice with loads of dishes.

44. How tall are you barefoot?
164cm i think.

45. Do you own a gun?
i want one.

46. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
tea. whatever tea is fine, but preferably english breakfast tea/irish tea. darjeeling/earl grey/chinese is fine too. i love teaa.

47. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
hmm, a fresh graduate, probably looking for a job? maybe married? maybe i'll still be studying. kinda hard to know.

48. Last thing you ate?

49. What songs do you sing in the shower?
random random. chinese english japanese, your pick.

50. Last thing that made you laugh?
the show "It Started With A Kiss"

51. Worst injury you ever had?
hmmm, i dont know.

52. Does someone have a crush on you?
yeah i think.

53. What's your favourite candy?

54. What song do you want played at your funeral?
Life Story by Dick Lee.

55. Eight people to do this?
#1. YOU
#2. Hilda
#3. Sheena
#4. Jingjie (do on class blog)
#5. Dilys
#6 Beverly
#7. Yanlin
#8. Shiyun

WOOTS~ What a long quiz. FINALLY DONE.

Ok, i'm having a flu so i didn't go for training today. XD And i don't wish to type longer. So bye.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The first ever Class Chalet Advertisement!!! :))


Clickaty click on it for a larger view!!!

Okay, it's not my finest work. I didn't spend a lot of time, i'm honest. But, yeah, i think it's do-able. The 2nd one would be better. I promise! (^_^)

And the reason why i actually did it, was because...I'm a facilitator and i hardly did anything for the games, cause i was late for first meeting and i couldn't make it for the second meeting. -.-" So hopefully, i could atone for some of it by doing the ads. Heh.

Okay. Bye. Got training tmr. Night.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's 11.50 pm and i reckon this is gonna be quite a long post cos im gonna post about quite a lot of things that i haven't posted that i should have posted. I know my recent posts have been all fluff and almost content-less. XD

Well, the thing is, i'm not even feeling emo, i just felt like posting. I've just written in my own personal diary even, which hasn't been updated for quite a while till a while ago.

You guys know what the title of this post is?

"The Real Thing About Holidays", that is. It's like, my holiday has kinda been...wrong. I've been doing the not-so-right stuff. The holiday i've planned is:

1) Going to jap class
2) Going to guitar class
3) Going to work
4) Study and revise science and math
5) Finish up homework asap
6) Self study French
7) Revamp my site
8) Do some wardrobe SOS
9) Finish watching "Till Death Do Us Part" and "Tokyo Juliet" and "Ouran High School"

And the thing is, i haven't done any of the above except point No.3. Work and trainings are now taking up most of the time. I've hardly any time to go out. Dad doesn't really allow as well. So i stay at home and use the computer. But every now and then, Mum and Dad come in, telling me to finish up some insurance paper work that i had to do. Cause it's the hols for me and it seems to them, that i've got no excuse to reject.

Work is sometimes really bad. Sometimes you make mistake and the people there give you that look or say something mean. It can be good at times, of course. But if i had to choose, i'd rather not work. But i'm not a rich girl who has like an 8 digit trust fund. I can't slack off my hols doing what i want and plain eating off my parents. I know i've gotta help them out whenever and wherever possible. That is why i'm working. It's for the better. And i get to buy what i want. Without having to take money from them, that sense of accomplishment is really satisfying.

And now that i'm really in a triple science class, i'm becoming worried that i might not be able to take the stress. :( Physics and chemistry that is. My science is so bad, i failed the EOY paper. I completely didn't know how to do. I'm telling the truth. I couldn't do a shit except stare and stare at the question. It was really terrifying. Next year's gonna be worse i think. I'm really quite doubtful and uncertain, what if i can;t do science next year? Will i have to drop my science?

Thinking about it now, maybe i should just have chosen the double science + hist stream. At least i won't worry so much. At least. But now what? I've chosen. I haven't regret my decision.. But i'm just unsure of what to do. Maybe i'll really have to take tuition. I don't know. I'm confused.

And the splitting of classes for 2I had been quite sad. I just want 2I to stay together. I'm in 3G, it seems like a good class..With quite a number of people i know, and with other 5 Ismosians and 3 volleyballers.. It almost seems to good to be true.

But i know. I'll miss the others.

Let's just talk about the really close ones. (Not that i don't/won't miss the not-so-close ones!) Cause i really will miss those closer ones.

Siya, Elizabeth, Beverly, Shiyun, Hilda, Sulin, and maybe Yanlin.

I know i'll still be meeting Siya during trainings, but it's so hard. To see her only during trainings. I've always crapped so much with her. I think i crapped the most with her. We send each other the most crappy, stupid and nonsensical msges to each other. It's gonna cease to exist soon, though, now that we aren't going to be in the same class. It's just hard. Hell, will i miss her. That lamer.

Elizabeth is my only popcorn partner in crime. She's also my only laogong. I always go home with her, a lot of times at least. Sometimes we don;t even talk so much on the bus home. Cause there is like almost nothing to say. We know like almost everything about each other. And so we sit in easy silence the way home. But usually the silence would be broken by either me or her. Cause we just talk too much. I'll always remember the time where we always shared the $1.50 salted popcorn from the little vendor outside DBS Tampines building. I'll remember that cackle and fat apple cheeks, my dear oxymoron.

Beverly? I knew her quite well since orientation. We've been great friends ever since, till now. She was the one who got me the job as well. She's forever so noisy and irritating and so talkative. But i love her for that. She's smart, but she's just not hardworking enough. And she has sat beside me for a long time. I really will miss her. Who am i going to hit while reading comics??? Whose tissue box am i going to doodle on? Who is going to lend me the J*Star/Colour/Fan magazines with Fahrenheit on the cover page? Nobody, but Beverly.

Shiyun...is my laopo, hah. Without her, nobody's probably going to argue with me on the bus non stop, on the way home. She's always talking so fast, then i can't help but laugh. And she goes like "Gen1 ni3 jiang3 hua4, wo3 hui4 qi4 si4!!!" and you just have to smile. Or when she complains to you about how she is being mistreated or wronged for something, and she gets so agitated. And she has to keep laughing while being angry when talking to me cause somehow, i always make her laugh. And...miss her? Definitely.

Hilda and Sulin are my lushikoh mates. It would be hard, now that Sulin is leaving Dunman High, for us to meet as often. There's be no Sulin or Hilda poking me suddenly in the stomach, just for the sake of poking. There'll prolly be fewer lushikoh outings, we'll take less neos, and less of the amazingly good times. I'll miss the Lushikoh outings, and more importantly, the two of them. I will.. miss them.

I have become closer to Yanlin not too long ago, because of Bev i think. We all share the love for singing. And i gave her my Totto Chan book. In return she lends me her Jap magazines and a pending Studio Ghibli. Without her, who is going to lend me those Jap mags??? Then sometimes we go out together. Honestly, i don't share many memories with her compared to the others. But we've become quite close, and we are sort of hanging out together all the time that it is hard to imagine what it would be like with her laughter and crappy jokes out of the picture.

Rachel Chua and Siew Ting are still gonna be in the same class as me, thus i'm not writing about them. And the above is in no particular order, i do not rank my friends. They are all really close, and really great friends.

I love all of them!

You know what? Maybe the title should be changed to "Friends-and those Memories" but it's ok. The title doesn;t really matter. I should go. It's been a pretty long post and it's 12.40 now. I took like one hour to type this post.

But it's worthed it.

Good night~ And sweet dreams.

Monday, November 06, 2006

heys. i went out yesterday. and later today. me, eli, yanlin and bev gonna watch a movie. bev got free tickets. at cine later. so this will be a super quick post. which may end up being super short. but i shall not deprive my blog of what its supposed to contain.

oh i went to cityhall, then to suntec, then to marina sq, then to vivo city, then to chinatown yesterday:) it was a long day.

vivocity was kinda huge. i bought a pair of orange berms from hob nob.. tts kinda all. didnt do much. ate at kenny rogers for lunch then went to some restaurant at china town for dinner, taking tea breaks in btwn.

i HAVE to stop my eating binge. just went grocery shopping not long thus there's loads of food in the fringe and kitchen. i cant stop eating the Post waffle cereal. Sigh.

training today flew by. like wheez. and it was over. im only working three days a week this week. so i must not spend too much money. must save.

nth much to blog about:)) so bye. (hah, actually, i gtg out now.)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Working is like, almost everyday now. Like most of the time. And i am working now. Today, i came at 11 in the morn, working till 9 at night. Bev's coming later i think.

There's nothing to watch on the TV, nothing to surf on the Net!!! I'm watching Ouran High now, but there isn't any sound on for these computers.

Today had been fun though, until now. Hilarious. :DD

There were few riders and Flori came. She's so funny.

Aha, she's beside me now. Francis is leaning against the glass, oh, he starts quarrelling with Flori and goes back to the kitchen. They are AMUSING.

My posts are pointless and so filled with rubbish. Hardly any content ain't it. But i don't care:)) It's MY BLOG. (^_^)

Oh bye. Both of them are quarreling again.

P.S. Flori is Beverly's maid and has come to help out bcos of the lack of workers. Francis is a worker here. He makes the pizza.

Friday, November 03, 2006



I don't like the alphabet G. It looks kinda fat. :/

But whatever, like half the team is in 3G, me, yimei (if she's staying), bu-chou yiling, and spastic pig lee shiying. We have a high chance of winning volleyball interclass. LOL.

And there's Rachel C, Siew Ting, Lionel and Jia Jia in 3G. WOOTS. I can sit with Lionel again. Maybe. Lionel's words came true lols. (He said something when we chose our subject combi.)

Ok, i'm working now, and it's my 2nd post in a day. I'm so bored. :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I watched two movies yesterday. :DD The Covenant and Death Note. Both weren't exactly fabulous but they were great, at least, I enjoyed it them.

And there were a lot of good looking actors in the Covenant. ^^ The four sons of Ipswich especially. Caleb, Reid, Tyler(not sure), and Pogue. Weird names or what.


Imagine you were called that.

And Caleb is pronounced as Kay-lem, not Ca-lab.

And I always thought it was the latter.

But whatever. They were like way cool in the show, with their powers. Not that anything like that would happen in real life. Sadly.

(^_^) (Nuff' said)

Asknlearn still haven posted our subject combi. Can they be slower? They are like, really efficient.

Detect that sarcasm please.

I heard that it was up yesterday. Then they said that no, it was today. Thus i went to check, and ah-ta! Nothing. No shit at all. Nothing near it.

Grr. I want to know my subject combi. :/ And if i get into trip science, i mighta have to go for tuition. *cringes at the word* Science tuition~~~ YUKS.

I never had tuition all my life and i want it to stay that way. But my science is so bad that i relly might have to break the record. *sobs*

So, who wants to take up science tuition with me???

Hah. Ok whatever. I still have to work later. I really don't feel like working la. But then, i HAVE to drag my lazy ass off the chair and go to work.


And Joey, my colleague (operator also) is not gonna be there today. Which makes it worse.

:( Oh bye.


i'm still working now:) haha. im feeling happy cos i just watched DEATH NOTE. It's so nice. It's one of the greatest shows ever. wahaha. i just watched with sheena. it's seriously damn nice. Light, the protagonist, is like one of smartest people on earth, and L la. i can't wait for the part 2. they just sorta left the show hanging halfway. but its still so nice.

Light is kinda good looking la. ok la. L is eccentric but really funny. heh.

If you are gonna watch it, rmb to stay until after the credits ok!!! After that, they show a bit of part 2. :D

I wonder what i would do if i got the Death Note book...wonder wonder. I think i might just do the same as Kira/Light.

Misa aka Kira no 2, and no 3 seems to be even stronger than Light aka kira no 1. ^^ I CANT WAIT >< CANT CANT.


Yeah, life is monotonous for me until now. TSK. BORING.

*screams in boredom*

Ok, i shall go check subject combi. Bye.


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