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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have deleted my private blog~ Private blogs are hard to maintain plus they get found out real easy. So yeaps.

Today is an extremely special day know why?

Today is the eve of the end of year exams. KILL ME. AHH ><>

anyway i just came back from eli's hse, i ran in the rain cos i had to go home myself, alone. Sad right. Siya had her mum lo. I came home wet and dingy. gosh. We studied and crapped at eli's hse, it was kinda fun, but oh whatever. You won't want to know the details anyway.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is damn nice. I'm addicted to it and Anna Nalick and Stacie Orrico all over again. They are really wonderful can can.

Before we get old, before we get too old.

OOPS, i'm supposed to study las. Anyway, since I deleted my private blog, i opened another wordpress one. But I'm not gonna say la. Maybe I'll tell close friends only.

See how. Bye.

Monday, September 25, 2006

WHOOTS. Hady won~~~~~ Oh well, I sorta wanted Jonathan to win, but nvm if Hady win too cause both of them are good! Jonathan didn't perform that well bcos of the genre of songs la, that his voice is more suited for the rocker-jazz-slow ballads kind.

But Hady appeals more to the pop group in this case cos he has a wider vocal range, not too low, wherea Jonathan's is lower.

YEAPS~But i'm happy all the same, Taufik looks better. WEE. I want another SG Idol.. Pretty please??? I want~~~Too bad if they aren't holding anymore, it's a waste. Fremantle is stingy la.

AND OH YEAH, freakingg THREE more days till EOYS. And i haven finished revision la. This is bad la. Yuanjun and those muggers are stressing me, real bad.

Lionel is annoying, he acts cute and goes~~~~I can't describe. *speechless* So is Siya, she slams her body on my table and refuses to get up..!

OH! OK, I'm a proton, Eli is a neutron and Siya is a electron. HOW FUNNY. LOL. We are ATOM!!! :))

My life is typical, i got chinese grades and math grades today, none too pleasing. BAH. Somebody smack me.

I want to change this skin soon, i cant read well in this blog cos words are too tiny. I hate tiny words. Annoying shit. OOPS. I'm talking about my blog lol.



Saturday, September 23, 2006

I woke up today feeling questionably moody and drowsy. Like as if, i knew in my dreams that today was study day. I guess i really have psychic powers eh.

Then i finished reading Merchant of Venice which took up a bit of my time then while reading my lang arts notes, i fell asleep for bout one hour, then i took a break and used the com to access my asknlearn. And of course, my blog.

I decided that i shouldn't deprive my blog of what it's supposed to have~~~my thoughts and everyday feelings. And esp today cause the EOYs are coming, and my mood today is weirdly moody. Even my iTunes is playing the wrong song--------low, slow, drowsy jazz.

I guess i can't linger around much. I'm currently surfing Queen of Dorks. Something happy, they have started to sell the cutest chibi stickers i have ever seen and hiragana and katakana charts and lovely onigiri phone charms. :)) I really want to get one~~~~~~~Shall go set up a Paypal acc real soon.

Went to bev to Tampines Mall yesterday nyways, I saw this lovely electric guitar which was so nice-----completely white with a hint of silver, and another one that is like glossy red and a lil mix of other colours that makes it look, erm, vintage??? Yeah i guess. Saw it at Yamaha anyway.

And the most beautiful camera i have ever seen. It's soft pink, T10, cyber shot latest's launch. Fucking nice~~~~~~~at $599,7.2 megapixel, Supersteady shot, high sensitivity, music slideshow and all that shit. I even got the postcard. I want that cam, URGH, and that .jp domain, although it would be quite freakkingg impossible.

OH~~~~luxury is essential.

So now, my guitar when i learnt how to play? OR, keyboards, my domain (maybe), my chibi stickers, charms and charts, my camera and an iMac. OH OH, Hu Ge's debut album and newest show~~

These are my aims during the holiday, i shall work doubly hard and take up two jobs. And treat mum and dad to a nice dinner at the brazilian restaurant. And save money to go on a solo trip to France after i mastered my French when I'm like 18.

Good, oh, no. PERFECT.

Another 10 and I'll get back to studying. Back to feeling moody all over again, cause i was feeling perky after typing in this post for a while...

I love iPod minis better than the nano, as in really. I'm not lying. :D

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's common test FOUR tmr, it's GREEAT. I think it is just so wonderful no? Common test and then EOYs. The best concoction everr. And yeaps, my math suck.
And i was HARDLY studying. Was reading, yes, LUST, a seven sins book. Couldn't stop once i started. XD
And IF you are like me, really trying to study but hardly taking in anything, then join my religion. Birds of the same feather SHOULD flock together. And since you have nothing to do, read this post. It should reflect your thoughts very well. And, PAMELA-ism is going er, quite well, after much promotion.
JINGJIE, DILYS are my pending members. (I don't care, you guys are so joining!!!)
Let me do some revision here. For math. I have only been studying math.
surface area of a prism: 2B + PH
surface area of a cylinder: 2 pie r2 + 2 pie rh
surface area of a pyramid: B + 1/2 PL
surface area of a cone: pie r2 + pie rL
pythagorean theorem: (height)2 + (radius)2 = (slant height)2 / a2 + b2 = c2
volume of a prism: Bh
volume of a cylinder: pie r2 h
volume of a pyramid: 1/3 Bh
volume of a cone: 1/3 pie r2 h
surface area of a sphere: 4pie r2
volume of a sphere: 4/3 pie r3
volume of a hemisphere (this is a givaway): 1/2 (4/3 pie r3)
anyway. hope this of help, i typed this for my own good too. Helps me to remember. And source is-----------mighty BRAIN o' mine. TRA-LA-LA~~~~~
OH yes, I'm still sick. Got a slight headache and i have not taken one medicine tt i was supposed to take cos it sad tt it would cause drowsiness. Cough is a tad better though. XD And thus, PE today was the epitome of BORING. Vball was absolute nothing-ness cos siya fell and injured herself. The rest were, as usual. The only good thing is, I didn't have to run.
Our volleyball team for the upcoming interclass does not look that promising at the moment cause Siya has injured her hand. But i think she will recover in time. And the others have to learn how to surf and all that. And i'm afraid there's not much time. HO W HOW. But i guess we could make it pass the prelimanary rounds no? Yeaps, our team is not fabulous, but at least, i guess we have decent players. Shall hush it lest more info abt us leak out. WEE.
Su(Sulin) has changed her blogskin. I seriously think her previous one was nicer. At least i thought keita looked decent and quite cute in it. And the blending was great too. Now her current blogskin is greyish, more to the black and white style, and kinda cool too, with the guitar and all. But somehow, i like the old one better. And normally, my taste don't really go wrong. XD And, it clashes with the URL, pinktwist and grey differs a lot. And the title is missing and so are the plugs. LOL><>
comment on this review? have an opinion? tag it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm sick, on a continuous coughing streeak that embarrasses the hell out of me~~~~~~ BAH! Been to the doctor's today, waitedd for quite long for the pathetic 3 minutes during consultation. SO NOT worthed it. XD

OOH OOH. GOR is on LIME magazine-the last time he was on Seventeen. (^_^) But I'm too lazy to scan in the pictures. So oh wells, nvm.

Hu Ge's birthday is like three days away. *grins* OH, but that'll mean he'll grow older. :(( But i guess nobody can help it.

AND BEHOLD~~~~~~~~~

THE DIVINE LEGENDARY PAMELA has started a religion:


I got TWO disciples already ;D SI YA and ELI. WANT TO JOIN?

I have spread my teachings wide and far. And thou shall continue this honourable mission.


Friday, September 15, 2006

J.E.R.K. one word. jerk. if you don't give a damn, i don't either. I was really just disappointed, but now, anger is a mere understatement.

And to someone else, I'm sorry.

I'm so diao-d. I'm going Bangkok again, to shop. LIKE AGAIN. Heh, but shopping would be a great way to vent my anger.

Wait till I start working Singapore, your economy would rise and be so darn prosperous because of me. Cause I'm so good at spending. So the government should pay me for spending. TOTALLY.

And I earn my rights to spend. SO, it's not like i take money from my parents! Tthose dear spoilt whining bratty lians need some role model RIGHT. HAHA.


I should hold a talk for them, like some public speech, like a prime minister. BUT, my speech would probably be a thousand times more interesting. And everybody would clap and I would have a fan club.

"Thus behold this divine beauty in front of you, Ms Pamela" the legendary character in tiny dot Singapore who will influence so many people. OH OH!

There goes my imagination. BUT HEY, Elizabeth is a damn good example. LOOK. At how I changed her.


And my next masterpiece-to-be, LEE SIYA. She is in the process of being brainwashed taught the right way. Things are looking GOOD.

Way way better.

Want to be my masterpiece number 3!?! APPLY APPLY.

You must be:
-a girl (sorry i don't do boys at the moment)
-a nerd/geek
-listen to whatever i say
-pay me $20 on an hourly basis
-pay for your own clothes
-pay for mine
-give me your nets and your pin
-no, give me everything i want.
-love me.

what you will get:
-a totally transformed you.
-a result you'll absolutely love
-a good friend/teacher (ME)

oh oh BEHOLD.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I have personalized my friendster:

And thus I have made another email, gosh, i know i shouldnt make so many emails. Now I got so many to check. But unlike those who make and don't check, I still check! So I'm actually using it!


But I only made it cause I wanted to try geocities. Yeaps. Cause it needed a yahoo ID, and i didnt want my old want anymore. So yeah.

And I've been blogging quite badly. I read my posts. They are getting seriously boring. But it's not my fault. This blogger acc, DON KNOW WHY, don't allow me to post pictures! EEKS.

Today was pretty boring. School I mean. ACC test which was ok, LSP which was redundant, role play which was funny, I mean, a nice mix of everything. But boring you know. I'm getting bored of my life's tune AGAIN. It was just looking all fine and nice. But now it's back to square one.

Bored, single and sick. Sick as in my cough.

When I'm done with my geocities, I might tell you all. :) Not like there's anything to see at the moment.

OH WELL. There is nothing to say. This post is redundant but since i have already typed so much. I shall continue. There is Chinese test tomorrow.

Anyway, I seem to cool down already. Like I don't hate anyone, anymore. Not that I use to hate someone, but as in, loathe? Yeah, I don detest you anymore. I merely dislike you, maybe a little despise.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I thought you were nice. I thought maybe it was just you, with the others. You were just so different around me. It was just you. And I thought.

But it's not even over in a week and you seem to settle down again already. But the truth is, you probably never really settled down.

Oh wells, I do not have the rights to questions your rights, and your freedom and of course you closely hidden privacy that i never thought it was so explicit.

Maybe I should have listened to what the others said and left long ago, instead of dwelling around, like a fool? Wasting each other's time, with all that lies. I know it all now. Every single thing you said, behind my back. I know it all. You are blissfully ignorant. That's good.

Thank you so much. Lesson taught, lesson learnt.

No, I'm just disappointed.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I really don't know what you want.

The last minute homework exam jigs are getting to me, bad. I don't know why.

Anyway, today's the first day of school, nothing interesting. Exams are like two weeks away and i can still come home and watch Goong. Somebody slap me. I need to wake up.

Ms Ngau went to China so this funny looking puny guy came into our class. He's gonna be our relieve teacher for math. And oh god, he can hardly teach.

I don't know what to say anymore. I'm confused.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I just came back from Marina Square, my legs and feet are aching. WHYY??? Because, i wore wedges today and my feet are hurting from the straps of the wedges. And i walked for god knows how long, to find the ATM. If you think i am about to reveal how much i have in my ATM, then forget it. You'll be damn disappointed to know that, even if you know my pin and got my card, you cant take money out cause it's lesser than $20.

I know i'm damn pathetic. I spent so much that it's really quite scary. I don't even know how come i spent so fast!?! So it's not really my fault.

Today was like the only day i really went out in Singapore to have fun during the sept hols. The rest were slacking and homework and drama. I wore my favourite DKNY top and a pair of hip hugging jeans to the Forbidden City Musical at the Esplanade. It was absolutely wonderful, it was a damn nice musical and Kit Chan sings really well. But it was a bit cold. XD

And Beverly kept saying that she wants to sing like Kit Chan to me, many times. But her attempt to annoy me fails, as usual. And the seats were so far back, seriously, damn far back. We could hardly see can. No wonder the tickets were so cheap la.

Then, me and Bev had dinner at Kenny Rogers(again) at Marina Square. We walked a bit and we say Shi SinHui and Hong Junyang there, singing. And we walked so long because of the ATM machine. TSK. Eli and Ka Woon left cos they has something on. Yeaps.

No hot guys at the Esplanade today, except those on the advertisments on the walls. And, i'm gonna be anti-boys now. At least for the time being, now doesnt seem to be the right time anyway. Maybe. Maybe not. I don know, unless it's really worthed it.

And no pretty girls that really caught my eye when i was out today. And there seem to be something wrong with the dress sense of many people in Dunman High. Oh, i shall shut up, in case i offend anyone. XD

WHOOPS. I wasn't talking about you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm at bev's house now. WAHAHA. We are supposed to do lang arts proj la. but so bored, and so we are slacking so now i'm blogging. I can't believe it, but i'm actually happy Xiaxue is back to regular blogging then i can happily indulge in her self absorbed bitchy posts. OOH. Forgive me.

I finished watching The Magicians of Love already. Now i'm starting to watch Goong, Princess Hourly? Er, I guess. Quite nice so far. But the empress and Queen or palace people talk so slowly. So annoying. Heh. I'm addicted to serial dramas again.And i will save to but Hu Ge's new show. YES I WILL SAVE.

And that's why no lushikoh outing, cause we are busy watching dramas. Yes we are busy people.

And i started listening to 183, i think im gonna start to really like them. HAHA.

I'm really starting to enjoy being single again. So goddarn carefree. Now i can talk to guys normally without worrying or whatsoever. Don you people dare say i'm a flirt ok. If you are just plain jealous of not being able to get a bf, then, too bad. It's not my problem you cant get one and blame me for snatching them all. XD.

and i can get into hu ge kitty pound already^^

oh bye.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I just came back from the wonderful fishing village of Kukup in Malaysia! It really is quite un-faciliated, and the houses were like stilthouses just that the stilts were replaced by concrete pillars. So..It's not really stilthouses anymore! LOL. But the paths were so narrow, and there weren't any fencing! AND the houses were like ten feet above the mangrove swamps and muddy water can. So it's like, if you lose your balance, you fall into the water. -.-" But, not that bad la.

Only scary when the natives drives motorcycles and bicycles so fast on the quite narrow cracked, concrete pathways.


We had free flow seafood also ok. Eat like mad can. I eat don know how many stingrays i want to die already. And we played zong1 ji2 mi4 ma3 and the loser had to eat one more chicken wing or something. It was one of the few times i actually felt sick towards a nicely grilled barbequed chicken wing. SHEESH.

And at least the bungalow house had nice air-conditioned rooms and a great hall with a karaoke tv too. I sang a bit^^ And played cards till quite late at night, playing dai3 di2. HAHA. BUT i lose like don know how many times. *sobs*

Then we fished a bit, not me, but my cousins, like we caught a cat fish but we released it in the end. Then of course, the sunset was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous with the nice sea smell, it was quite nice as in it smelt of sea.

But everything was thrown into the water without any consideration, you know the water used to wash off the soap in the bath? It wa=ould go down into the sea, so was any waste like faeces and urine. EVERYTHING. ><>

And the most wonderful of the entire trip was the amazing fireworks! We could set fireworks in Malaysia ma! So we bought like $100 plus worthed of fireworks and set them and like bombs and stuff that werent allowed in Singapore. SO SO SO FUN. The fireworks were breath taking against the stark night sky. And it goes like "piang piang piang!" very fast la! (^_^)

But our neighbours keep singing and singing, the karaoke you see. They cant sing for nuts. NOISE POLLUTION AT THE MAXIMUM. And there was an expected jam of two hours at the checkpoints. FREAKING ANNOYING. TSK TSK. Damn un-efficient.

AND, i managed to skip parent child day with a valid reason. Mdm john cant do a shit now. AHAHA. Lousy. Stupid parent child day is such a waste of time anyway and i didnt have to go up to speak and present my portfolio.

BUT (><) ,GREATEST NEWS!!! Hil messaged me to say that HU GE met with an accident and was a little disfigured, he suffered brain injuries even! I am so sad for my dear Hu Ge ok. Nothing must happen to him! Even so, I'm still gonna suppost him, I'm gonna buy Till Death To Us Part. GET WELL SOON OK. And I cant get into Hu Ge KP. WHY???

And i learnt some more bad news about some people around us.OH WELLS. I never gossip here do i. And so i shall not. BYE.


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