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Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's the first day of Year 2007!!!!!!!


OMG, i can't believe 2006 just flewwwww past. Time just flies. Another ONE more day till school starts! My homework is half done. But i've got the feeling! The i-will-do-my-homework-soon feeling! AWW.

I am typing a CENTIMETRE a minute cuase the internet's so freakking LAG. I couldn't upload my files onto my site properly so i've given up on it at the moment. I'm just gonna leave it stagnant till i have time again.

Well well, 2007 is here and what did i do for countdown? Nothing, i could have gone to the countdown with some friends (from either sides) but i lost the feeling so i didn't want to go already. Plus i doubt if i could stay out till really late and transportation's a problem. Too much problems so i stayed home and watched TV.

Let me try to re-enact the situation:

*eyes glued to Channel 5 (Countdown Party 2007 LIVE @ Vivocity)* then advertisement.

[flick....! i change channel, to Disney Channel]

*eyes glued to Disney Channel (Hannah Montana)* then advertisment.

[flick....! i change channel, to Channel 5]

*eyes glued to Channel 5 (Countdown Party 2007 LIVE @ Vivocity)* then advertisement.

[flick....! i change channel, to Disney Channel]

*eyes glued to Disney Channel (Hannah Montana)* then advertisment.

[flick....! i change channel, to Channel 5]


It's been pretty much like that. Oh i watched That's So Raven as well. =.="

And of course, it's 1st January today!


Wee, and my resolutions for the year 2007!!! I'm only gonna list those that i have the ability to do. ^~^ These resolutions are not in any order.

1) I must NOT gain weight.
2) I must do well in studies, generally. Which includes science. Total GPA must get at least 3.3
3) I must be a better friend, better sister, better daughter, better person in general.
4) I must stay happy this year as i would all the rest of the years!!!

May everyone have a wonderful year ahead! (^_^)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My internet was killing me yesterday. It was so slow due to the Taiwan earthquake. :( Well it's really quite sad that another earhtquake occured but i honestly don't feel any grieve cause those Taiwanese are not related to me besides the fact that they are fellow earthlings.

So i watched Full House yesterday. Quite a lot of it. I just did a new skin since i got hosted and i'm in the midst of moving and all. :DD It's gonna take quite some time.

I just packed my room and now it looks VA VA VOOM-y CLEAN. It's finally clean and everything. Before i cleaned it, i assure you, you can't see my table top cause it's covered with books and hairbands and pens and sanitary pads and nail polish and whatnot. And i kept my sec 2 books too. It's so freaking clean now i'm a bit not used to it.

I've decided to use one of my dad's old bags for school next year. It's like a suitcase just that it's made of black rugged cloth or some sort. I'm too broke to afford anything else. Gee.

I haven't finished homework though i lied i had. My math is going to lay stagnant forever till someone chases me for it. Chinese is half done. I can't do the du dian shit cos i can't find the bloody book.

Oh right. My PONTA is finished. There was one, ONE mouthful left and my brother gulped it down inconsiderately. That guy needs some manners. Now my ponta's ALL gone. :((

About a week or less till school reopening. Need i say more on how i feel?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey there. How was christmas? Mine rocked quite!!! I was out the whole day on Christmas' Eve. I watched two movies on that day and ate out, went to Bugis, went to town, kena human jam and all. Then Christmas itself was great too. Morning and afternoon was home, with family~ :) Then after that I went to Beverly's house for a Xmas party. :DD

It was a small gathering but we had fun i say! We ate a lot at her house! (So much for dieting!!!) Turkey was ok, lamb leg was a bit tough, chicken was good (both the honey glaze and black pepper), my cold pasta was fine, potato with bacon bits rocked, and the kebab:)

And we played a lot of games! It was fun and we had to drink wine and apple vinegar for a forfeit. YUM. And the gift exchange too^^ I got like this dog bag thingy and MYUK tissue wrapper thingy from Nowelle. Gee.

I loveeeeeeeeee Rachel Chua's cookies! They rock. And i painted and unpainted my nails so many times with Bev's sister's nail polish. Waha!

And you ask, why such a dead looking avatar when it's such a happy and christmasy post? Cause i just watch Curse of the Golden Flower with CQ. And as always, Zhang Yimou's films are always a bit hard to understand la and a bti drony la yeah. =.="

And so i'm infected with the dronyness and put up a dead looking avatar that shows Japan at it's dulliest. Heh.

I just put up another skin at blogskins, it's an old skin. I dont care anymore.


Rate it, comment it, kick it. Do whatever you want with it, just remember to credit. (Gosh, this RHYMES.)

Oh according to CQ, we saw, or they saw us. Jorden and Melvin i think and apparently, they think we are together. WOOPS.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2006!!! メリークリスマス :))

I feel too lazy to go to different blogs and tag "Merry Christmas". It's four in the morn. On Christmas Day~~ Where's SANTA??

I just want to wish everyone out there a merry christmas^^ Have a wonderful year ahead and enjoy christmas while it lasts~ ^~^

Heh, was out the whole day and i just watched Night at the Museum. 2 movies in a day again. LOL.

The neos for the last time! (Lushikoh Outing)

The colour's all wrong cos of my scanner i think. :((

I found some pictures that stunned me. Yagami Light (藤原竜也/Tatsuya Fujiwara) and L (松山ケンイチ/Kenichi Matsuyama). Light is 24 years old this year and L is 21 years old this year! Like WTF, i thought they were like the most, 20. =.=" But Tatsuya still looks good anyway~ :)) But Kenichi is much taller.


Does L even look like L????!!! WTF or WTF?


Damn, there were still A LOT of nice pictures i wanted to show. But damn Blogger won't let. I know L looks weird in those two pics up there but i swear he doesnt look so bad if you see the other photos. :)

Go see this for all press conference pics:


And this is one you wouldn't want to miss out there.


oh loves! christmas is here and i can't believe 2007 is gonna come. GOSH. *a bit trausmatized but a bit excited*

i went to orchard just now for like barely 1/2 hour. HUMAN JAM like dont know wtf. I couldn't stand and left.



And you wonder if this is a gay show:





I just watched Death Note 2 just now with Sheena :) Saw Mr Yeo at Comics Connection before the movie at Century Square though. The show quite rocked quite^^ But i thought that the first show was nicer though. There's a bit of confusion here and there though.

1. (I forgot, maybe) Who killed Watari and why?
2. Why did Ryuk betray Light?
3. And why did Rem sacrifice himself for Misa? I know about Jealous and all, but Rem is like the third party, his life is like not as important as a promise to Jealous? When Ryuk, another shinigami, can be so heartless as to betray Light?

And like L died the first time was quite exaggerated too, like the system and everything, so...made up.

If anyone knows, please tell me kay.

I prefer Light to L after all. I mean, if i had Death Note, i would do exactly the same thing as Kira, maybe not as fast, but slowly and steadily and i would manipulate their deaths so they seem natural. Kira was a bit impatient. To install a new world, you don't have to make a statement(like the heart attacks were trademark of Kira's killings) , cause it's for the betterment of mankind, no?

I would leave no marks and so one will question, just that the bad guys will slowly be dying^^ Maybe i'll create chances and see if they repent lol. And i won't kill only those in my area, it would be all over the world, from Nigeria to Germany.

That's if i get the Death Note, but the fact is that i won't. Thus it doesn't matter if i type out what i'll do out here. I don't have the means to kill anyone though. Not just yet.

Ok, "Not just yet." sounds a bit sick. But hell if i'll know what i'll do in the future ain't it? Any one of us could be murderers, or homicidal maniacs, or serial killers. So let's not say a definite statement now, as it might be broken later on, inviting snide remarks.

But if you say: "I might be a murderer" and you do become a murderer, at least you are not as hated by the general public as those who say they'll never kill someone and then become a serial killer eh? You are like, more respected cos you reached your goal and achieved it.

And usually those who say "I might be a murderer" would probably be those who kill the bad guys or for revenge, or a meaningful purpose. They sort of have brains. That's why they make such a statement no? Those who just claim that they...won't, probably said it without thinking.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CQ :)) Happy sweet sixteen!

Merry Christmas to all then, i'm going to Bugis now^^ (I know, i just came back. But hey, it's Christmas Eve!!!)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yesterday was lushikoh outing and hil asked me to blog about it so yeaps here i am, typing in front of this computer. I'm supposed to be out today with someone but somehow i couldnt get hold of that someone and so i dont know what happened.

Bah, ok, first i'll start from morn. I woke up at 11.30 am yesterday for lushikoh outing, then i smsed hil to get on the next train cos i was in it but she didnt read the msg so i was a bit earlier than them. Like a whole seven minutes. WTH. NOT ONLY THAT, we had to wait for su's friend to pass something to her and for her to pass something back to him. And he was late. Well i really felt like smacking him but oh well, he's not my friend so i can't do anything about it. We
are mere acquaintances.

But hello, it's completely reasonable! I haven't had breakfast and i was STARVING. No, i was famished. And worst of all, su and hil wanted to eat KFC. (@#$$%!) Fast food. I missed like don't know how many trainings and i've grown like dont know how much fatter and they want to eat fast food. WTF!?!

SO we ended up at mosburger and i had a riceburger which had like seafood in it. So yeah, not so bad. And we had our favourite dessert there. :)

ICHIGO BLISS!!! <3 style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://photos1.blogger.com/x/blogger/4/766/320/383295/fries2.jpg" border="0">But i swear that Mosburger's fries are the worst among all fastfood shops. EEK. Fat and oily.

And this is a smiley face i did!!! :))

Then we went to get my jeans:) I got it at only 81 something from Topshop. ^^ And su got her stickers and letter papers and sorts.

We went to Orchard thereafter. And it was raining and the rain was so strong, the umbrella turned inside out! LOL. We were laughing and screaming. ^^ No pictures though. Bleaugh.

Then NEOS!!! (I'll post them in the next post, rushing for time now.)

Then hil has to leave early and me and su wondered around Taka and Wisma and we got our lushikoh book again! It's quite adorable. :) And hil owes for $1.90 for it. Then su and me parted and i met up with Zen-ga-ga and Irene Jie and bro. Then we sort of went to see racing and raced a bit and got into a little accident and the police came cos someone said "Ma da lai liao, ma da gao liao" but i think it was fake cos there was no siren. Then we fled. It was SUPER DRAMA. But i tell you it's true ok. So i didn't watch Dn2. :(

I'm going for a BBQ soon and so i better go off now. Bye.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tomorrow's the last day of work. I don't know whether to be happy or what. I guess i will miss some of them, some of the riders, Joey and all. And i won't get any more pay. :(( And i'll have to go to school soon.

Man, i dread the word "school".

But on the other hand, i feel relieved from the fact that i don't have to go to work and face some awful customers anymore. I swear, those who want to order pizza, can you decide BEFORE calling??? What's the point of deciding when you've already called and are only wasting the precious time of us, operators??? And then you scream "Oei, what you want???" to your friend/family member right in my ear without realising it. And you waste money: Phone Bill. Please, use your brain.

And i'll get to enjoy my holiday properly. Shoppingggg~~~ Here I come!!!


I am deprived. I am. I genuinely am. I haven't shopped in eons. I absolutely hate the truth, i am working but i am not shopping. Why??? I hate to admit my pathetic non-life. I don't have a life, thus, NON-life. Cause i have to pay for my own uniform and school books and the etc. And save for shopping spree when i get to Bangkok.

BUT SOON. My non-life will soon turn back into a life.


And you liar, why don't you just admit that you guys were together? I won't bite you, why are you so damn afraid of offending me??? I genuinely am not a bitch.

I got no idea why people tend to get the idea that i am very sluttish, or bitchy, or mean. WHY??? Can somebody tell me why?? If you know, please leave a note on my tagboard. LIKE WTF??? I hear rumours about me everywhere, and none of those i heard is true. Is it the way i walk? Talk? Tie my hair? Present myself?

Huns, if you don't know a shit about me, don't talk about me. Please have that bit of depth in you.

Bah. Enough obout those people. I watch DeathNote again. Kira is so freaking adorable. I can't help it. And so smart. Aww. And i watched Hana Kimi today also:) Man, it seems like the only things that are making my world a better place are the unrealistic, made-up things that would never ever happen to me.

For e.g, i'll never pick up a book like Death Note cause i'm neither as smart as Kira or as pretty as Misa.

I would never find someone to like so much, that i would migrate over to that place to find him. And go to a boys' school, to find the person i admire so much.

Ah. Whatever. Lushikoh outing is Friday, i miss ヒルタ and スリン so much. I can't wait. :))

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sulin left a funny comment at BS.com.


There su, i credited you. Now leave a funnier comment.

I've added a whole load of affies. And updated my site a lot. You guys may want to change my link straight to http://www.withlove.co.nr but if you only want to read my blog then just link this page then.

Today was quite a good day, i just got off the phone, talking to CQ though. We had turkey (some sort of dinner) and garlic twists (a kind of twisted bread with butter and garlic and whatnot on it) and i brought pizza back home.

Mmmm. Delectable.

Prince of Tennis OVA is out again. OMG OMG OMG. But OVA 7 doesn't have subs. TSK TSK. I want to see my husband play in the nationals. I can't wait when i see my Ponta. The immediate nostolgia it would bring with every sip i take~~~ Ryoma putting his coins into the whie vending machine and the can dropping out and he drinks in, so...adorably. Ah, drinking something i know he'd drunk before is so comforting.

I haven't seen any of my friends, besides my volleyball mates, in AGES. I swear. It feels so long. I can't describe the length of time in which i've lived without them. I haven't talked to hil in like decades. I write to su and she's much of a webster, so it's ok. But hil, she's like, non-existent. And so are the other friends. Yanlin, Rachel T/C, Siew Ting, Bev, Shi Yun, Eli, Siya and the lot.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Tachibana wanted me to do a quiz. AGAIN. =.=" I really didn't want to double post. I'm gonna steal her answers again. Wahaha.

Two Names You Go By:1. pamela. 2. ???? like so many: laogong, laopo, poopy, mrs echizen, pam...
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:1. tank top 2. fbts
Two Things You Want in a Relationship(Other than Love):1. a cute guy 2. laughter
Two of your favorite hobbies:1. shopping 2. eating
Two Things You Want Really Badly:(right now)1. happiness 2. and only happiness
Two people who will fill this out:1. uh. TWO? anybody and you.
Two things you did lastnight/yesterday:1. use com, went work.
Two Favorite Places to eat:1. everywhere huns.
Two People that live in your house:1. mom, sis
Two things you like about yourself:1. my height^^ and ???
Two things you ate today:1. sushi. some rice. with some dishes.
Two people you Last Talked To Online:1. yanlin. 2. siya
Two Things You're doing tomorrow:1. go to work. use com.
Two people close to your heart: (these two are so bonded they are like one person each.)lushikoh and my other clique. ^^
Two Longest car rides:1. SG -> KL. dont know.
Two Favorite Holidays:australia and bali.

=.=" it's really messy and all. But i hack care la. LOL.

Anyway, i posted a skin on BS.com(FINALLY):
I didn't want to at first. But oh wells. Whatever la.


Hehe. I just painted my nails METALLIC PINK yesterday. It was so nice and long and glossy cause i put a nice thin sheen of topcoat, and all. But it was destroyed by today's training. =.=" So i had to remove it. TSK. And i twisted my ankle.

I will never paint my nails before trainings anymore. Never.

I went to Mt Sinai today!!! Our school for next year. OMG OMG OMG. I love the place. It feels so quiet and nice and exaactly (almost) the way i wanted it to be.

It was a bit old and a bit dusty but there were lovely huge willowy trees all over. It has amazing feel to the place. And i love the nostolgia and homey feel. And the place was qutie huge. There was a nice track and a nice indoor gym. It wasn't state of the art, of course. But i guess it's a good change, we're gonna have a state of the art school in year 2009 anyway. So yeah, you get to have the best of both worlds. ^^

I love it. Well, i may say i like it now, but i'm not sure as time goes. ;P But still, it's so "inside" and so quiet. And say, i love the trees. Plants are WAY WAY WAY better than animals. Like it's located at the suburbs on Singapore, and its so peaceful and all.

And i saw the Japanese School in Singapore! I passed by the school when Dad fetch me home. Didn't see no cute boys though. *droops head* Maybe Dad was too fast, the car just WHIZZED past.

Oh well, until next time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well well, i guess my last post was a bit vulgar. Forgive my need to swear once in a while. I'm feeling MUCH better, though i'm not sure if i've fully gotten over it.

I like work when Joey is there. :) She's so fun and nice and all. I hate work when i'm all alone, like when i'm the only operator. Let's see, who i really find nice:

Bogey, Xian, Joey. Top three. The rest are normal.

Ok but i've won the silver award at Artistique Illustra!

It makes me feel much better. :)

And i'm extremely busy with my everything, hah, and i've updated my site a lot. So go visit! :D

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm feeling really really really shitty now. I feel like screaming at someone. Or yelling. Or stabbing. I can kill someone right now.

Work was FUCK.

No other word can described it in such simplicity.

There were two SEVERE complains. And neither of them was my fault.

Complain No 1: no one, she complain late. But after she say its not the problem about pizza being late. Its that she could hear the riders scolding the customer (her) when she called, in the background. For e.g. "Walao, customer complain again, so stuck up one", etc.

One of my colleagues shouted "FUCK" in my face and showed me black face.

Complain No 2: I asked my colleagues if we took orders from Tanah Merah Basah. They fucking said yes, then, after that, the pizza late, they say we dont take that area. They say its under changi area.

Then that colleague apologised. I said that it was ok. But clearly, if you stab someone, can you say "Sorry I stabbed you! Are you dead?"


I know these complains are common and i shouldn't take them to heart. But the thing is, it's not even my fault!!! It's not genuinely my fault that started it all. I feel so wronged. It's ok if it was my mistake. But it clearly was not and i couldn't even protest. It's like i couldn't do anything even though it wasn't my fault.

It's not the customers' fault i know, cause we were late. But what the fuck la. I was wronged.

Bloody fuckheads.

I don't want to work anymore. I need a life besides my school and my work and all the fucking problems.

But i've got work from 10-6 tomorrow.

FUCK la. And there was an omen this morning. It was pouring when i went to work, so i walked with one umbrella.

And as i was waiting at the traffic junction, one bus zoomed past and whish, my pants were soaked.

Son of a bitch bus driver. Or bitch driver.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I had been kinda busy this weekend. I just ended work at six today and tomorrow i'm working full again. Yeah and my homework is still untouched. But i guess i'll have to do it sooner or later :) Then i'll find one day to do with a particular friend^^

And I've been updating With Love quite alot, cause it's a new site and all and i know once school starts, bah, it'll become stagnant all over again. But never mind, maybe things will be fine when i merge everything once i shifted to a host or something, which is not gonna happen in the near future. :D

My granddad had just been hospitalised again. :( He was admitted the previous night cause his face felt numb and his vision seemed to be failing him.

I don't want to ever grow old. It seems so scary to grow old and die. Like when your face gets all wrinkly and your hands start shaking and your legs feel numb and your voice feels dry and hoarse and all squeaky when you try to say something.

Oh well, i don't feel like blogging much more. I lost the feel again.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've been rolling! All are short clips though.

Daughter Talk:

One Stupid Father:

Beautiful Weather:

Metropolis (A remake of the one i watched, lol):

Man, Director: Pamela Koh!!! I'm a director. A director who does insurance paperwork and also a part-time phone operator. Gosh, do i multi task. :)


WOOTS. I finally finished my site's new layout, Version 03 -Break Up and Get Broken.

Go take a look ok? AND tag please! Comment comment a little can??? Thanks in advance!

The new layout and mum's insurance paperwork had been the one taking up my time these two days. So i guess to atone for that, i will start my homework tomorrow, at least, i'll try.

Today is See Ting's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEE TING! Gosh, i've known her for nearly 7 years i think. If i didn't count wrongly. Like WHOA.

Gee there's like nothing for me to blog about recently, i haven't been going out cause i'm pathetically broke. So i stay at home and procrastinate and laze around and grow fat. I didn't go to this morn's friendly match cause Dad don't allow. So i've become really really really fat. Albeit my waist size has increased at least 2 inches.

I wonder why that fat lumping about my gargartuan tummy won't just shift like higher. Wahaha. Ok, not funny. At least, even out? But it just flops there happily.

Sheesh actually i don't think it increased 2 inches la, i'm just exaggerating. But oh well, you get my point. Like i simply laze around my flat for the holiday without doing any homework. Know why? Cause i'm off on Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri this week. Cause i didn't book first three days. I guess i should book more to work more.

Even if the fats don't go away, i should do something about the money rolling in. Or it's like that way, cause i spend money on the escargoes which eventually turn into fat and turn my waist line from a 23.5 to like 28.


$$$$ ---due to eating binge--> food, eg, escargoes --natural body reaction--> fats

Man i'm a bit lame, but obviously not dumb-lame like Dilys. :D Ok, i'm gonna continue my paperwork.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I took the SAP scholarship interview just now. I was nervous, and i hardly prepared. But it went unexpectedly well. At least i thought. The interviewers were so nice i thought they are quite un interviewer-like. :) Thanks to those who wished me good luck or helped me! Esp Yanlin who esp called me just to tell me what to note!!!

I met Xinyun and her sister at MOE as well, her sis' genuinely friendly lol. ^^ After everything, i went to Bugis and loitered at nine something in the morn, though none of the shops were open. Then Dad fetched me and i went to do some delivery with him and had lunch.

And i'm sorry to a certain someone. Maybe i was too impatient cause i didn't know where the building was so i thought i might be late. Yeah i guess we are sort of quits? Cuase you were late too. But whatever it is la, i just want to apologise for everything this morn.

Oh and i've started working on a new layout for my site thus i haven't blogged till now. I'm quite pleased with it. It'll be up soon i guess. And i added pixel emoticons and adoptables etc to the visitor content. Background is white though. I decided to experiment a little afterall. Not that good but i guess presentable.

Su is going to Japan today, take care su! Will miss you a great deal!

I watched Girls Out Loud yesterday~ Thought it was quite funny.. Oh well, i don't feel like blogging too much. I've got to do mum's paperwork. It's freaking me out. I don't want to work anymore! *wails* Can someone just pour me a continent full of billion dollar notes???

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. oh my fucking god.

I can't believe i overslept again. Like for today's friendly match. What is the problem with me!?! I don't know what happened to my alarm.

1) I reached out and off-ed it subconsciously.

2) It spolit and stopped working for today and maybe it'll work just as fine tomorrow.

Even Yimei gave me a morning call! But she called at 7, i thought of sleeping a few more minutes and ta da. I'm HERE.

Gosh, i feel so so so so so so guilty. I sms-ed them to ask if they need people and whether i should rush over. They didn't reply my sms. So yeah, i guess i deserve the pang of guilt. :((( Sorry sorry!

So i felt too guilty to continue sleeping that i woke up at an ungodly hour of 9.30am, willingly. This is probably the FIRST time in a long time, that i woke up so early, WILLINGLY. And so here i am typing this.

So today's little accident made me realise something-I've been procrastinating too much and wasting too much of my life. I must do something about it. And so, i will take serious action! Yes serious!

1) I will start doing homework today!
2) I will resume learning jap, it's gotten rusty.
3) I'll help mum with her paperwork.
4) If i have time, i'll do whatever that's left to do.

YES! I will i must i will. I MUST MUST MUST. At least i must do one of the above, to atone for my grave mistake. Not very grave but it could be grave. What if i oversleep for my interview tmr!?! OH MY GOD.

NO, that will NOT happen. I'll sleep super early tonight and make sure i'm ready. Yes yes, i will sleep early. ^^

I'm feeling hungry, i want breakfast! :((

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I watched Happy Feet yesterday at 12 midnight, but i thought it was average, sadly. It was a bit lame and the storyline was a bit impossible. It was a tad stupid but it was entertaining afterall. It has reached its purpose.

Whatever, i'm not feeling very happy now, cause life feels so boring yet stressful at the same time. And i have to grandma's house later not that that's making me sad but it'd Dad's irritating calls to ask me to reach there early, that's making me so...uncomfortable.

And there's a friendly tmr at Punggol, heard they aren't very ethical. And most probably i can't go out to study in the library with a friend. :( TSK.

But one thing is i watched a new anime call Angel Feather, it's so nice. And i'm watching Tsuyokiss now. :))

One moment i'm feeling sad and pissed, the next i feel like jumping around for all life's simple treats.

Isn't it pretty? I was bored so i started a bit of pixelling, and somehow i created a dog. ".)

But pixelling takes up too much of my time, so i don't really like to pixel. So i'm not gonna put in on my site's visitor content yet~~~ lalala. And i realised i've got loads of avatars and all made by others but i forgot where i got them. Oh dear. gee.

Hana Kimi is gonna be up soon. WOOTS. Maybe tmr or something. Tuesday is my SAP scholarship interview, i guess i'll just have to do my best. It would be a lie to say i don't want it and that i don't give a shit about it cause i do. Hopefully i'll get it. Then maybe i wouldn't feel so bad if i drop physics later on cause at least i got the scholarship.

Sheesh, what an excuse.


♥ Hello.
This is my blog. my personal space, no designs no nothing. just my blog.
All my other stuff are at WithLove, it's my portfolio.
There's no rules. Let me be me. I don't have to explain whatever that i do or say in here.
It's not exactly the greatest blog ever which has happy endings all the time, it's just a little online diary where i gather certain bits and pieces of my life
Click alt-F4 if you are unhappy. I don't need you here, dampening my mood.

& look

I'm Pamela, 14 years old, living in the sunny beautiful island of Singapore. I'm Asian, tanned and a volleyballer. I love shopping, slacking and reading. I prefer to think myself to be an optimist. I'm a bit of a blur queen, late queen and drama queen. And i appreciate the finer things in life. My birthday is on the 23rd May 1992. You really better remember it.

fresh jive

Skinny Jeans
My Sacrifice by Creed
Just right
pink tee+pe shorts


Note that "Fresh Jive" is updated everytime i post or every once in a while.

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