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Friday, April 14, 2006

long post.

i just came back not long... and i finally get the chance to sit down and type. i went for band concert just now(details below), after which i went home with rachel tang. then we walked very fast and i twisted my ankle. TSK. she was afraid that her dad will scold or whatsoever la. which i thought was, oh wells. when i reached tampines, i decided to buy something to eat as i felt really hungry la, so i went to cheers and bought bread and i walked home. on the way back home just now, i felt so... alone, so quiet, not exactly in a bad way though. i was just listening to my ipod mini, listening to songs like A Song For Lady by H.O.T and many others by Norah Jones. I love her songs. never mind. i haven blogged in like what two days? and i already feel like i haven blogged for a long time. it's 12.40 now. i shall see what time it is when i finally finish typing.

so i said i just came home from the band concert at Victoria Theatre Hall, i thought the band concert was almost definitely better than the CO concert. at least i think so, cause i don really like CO. bah. it was supposed to end at nine, in the end, it ended at like ten. mad right. they even played a few songs which wasnt included. they even had to play to thank mrs wong, the teacher whom i have taken dislike upon the first moment i set my eyes on her. and they played tong hua of all songs, so out of place right? and i desperately needed to go to the toilet cause i didn't during the interval cause there were so many people queuing up. so ma fan, then i had to ren3 until the concert end la. then it kept prolonging. bleaugh. and guess what i slept a lil at the second half of the concert. iwas too tired la. and the music was like suitable? haha. didn't see many people, i only say hanmeng, and kawoon, xiuli and hil. i couldnt see yiling and ryan and lionel lo. wth hell right. all because eli was late again and we couldnt get the good seats, i was seating at Row X!?! stupid eli la. this morning also, today we had to do IVP proj, then siewting was already at the N2 and i was already walking there then eli smsed me and said that she had to go for some church thingy and she couldnt make it la. at that moment i was like, what the fuck is wrong with you? to elizabeth la, duh. then whatever, so we didnt do the IVP in the end. me and siewting went to macs, and guardian and tested all the make up foundation and we went to the supermarket and i bought pretz lalala. yak yadda yadda yak yak la. then i went back home. ok anyway, band concert was nice, they played many songs which i like, like the phantom of the opera etc. and i like the sun lu guy, he played really well, i even thought it felt like jazz. whoa right.

then anyway, before i went for band concert and after i went home when i went to the N2, i went to the Expo!!! yay^^ imagine, eli told me she was there too, and she went to the john little and book sale too! i been to the both of the sale too! but i didnt see her all the same. we bought so many things at the john little sale, at first i wanted to buy some shoes one, but in the end also never buy, go shop with mum, in the end, we went home with bras and panties. yes, we know that pierre cardin is having a sale, so is hush puppies, triumph, felancy bla bla. we even bought underwear for bro and dad, and renoma boxers for bro even. then we went to the book sale, there was hardly time left, i could only buy three books la. don even have time to look at all that amazing books. and it was one for $4, three for $10 la. WTH right. so freaking cheap, how can i not buy? so i bought:

the good people of new york by Thisbe Nissen
normal girl by Molly Jong-Fast
A thing(or two) about Curtis and Camilla by Nick Fowler

yes, only three pathetic books, and you know something? when we were queuing for the john little sale, there was this woman who wanted to cut out queue la,, then we sorta got her away in front of us and 'pushed' her to the back of us. hahah. but the auntie behind us was angry and 'pushed' that woman behind again. wahaha. that stupid lady. so dumb. think can cut MY queue huh. get lost la, chey!

oh kor came back yesterday, he is BALD. i mean it. he is not skin head shaven but still bald. when you touch his hair now, its like so cute!!! the little bits of hair sticking up on your hand. god, i miss kor so much. he came back for good friday and he left just now le. i did say bye to him before i went for band concert though. kor has to wear his green uniform now and when he came back he was so smelly because of all that sweat. eww right. poor kor. i suddenly feel so lucky to be a girl born before 1997. gee.

yesterday was the four schools' combined meeting!!! i wanted to blog about this yesterday but i didnt have time ma. i saw adriano!!! imagine. he was wearing a yellow pe shirt and a cap so cute right, i borrowd clarissa's bino i think, or her friend's la. but anyway, itts not the point, i saw adriano!! lols. we won quite a fair bit yesterday, like not too bad la, perfomance was not bad for our school. eli didnt run, she wasnt chosen. we won the cheering competition too!!! i rememeber that our school c girls won quite a number, like ophilia and shiying etc and eva and katherine won also for shotpart(i know my spelling is wrong)... it was quite a happy day la, quite fun... and the most important thing was kor came back yesterday! and the sad thing is that he left today.. TSK right. now im in the room, iris is sleeping like a log le la. i need to sleep too. i couldnt blog about the sports meet yesterday cause i watched 'Just Like Heaven' once i came home, the show is so sweet can, i love mark ruffalo. but he kissed elizabeth and she woke up le. so dumb la. ah yo. anyway, our school had the most 'candidates' or whatever you call it for the sports meet, temasek had the least i think. ngee ann was ok, chung cheng was so AP, like half or more of the school left during the prize presentation la. we couldnt even leave, we werent allowed to. dumb right.

and i went to the sports meet with cindy lo. at first i was supposed to meet her at tampines so i could pluck my eyebrows ma. she was reluctant then she said yes la, but i think she regretted, and tried to tell me she dont want. then i was like 'wa lao, you say ok le..................bla' then she had to go la. the next morning she came up with an excuse and said she couldnt make it. i was effing pissed. i was like wtf. then i decided to get over it. maybe pluck another day perhaps? so i still went with her la, then i read her msgs, she was msging simin about me la! like im damn irritating bla and bla, now i know why people think bad about me. this only show that i should choose my friends properly le la. im like never gonna ask some people again le la. i rather go myself.

its 1.25 now and im uber tired, i needa get some rest so that i can do my homework tmr. good night.

p.s. happy good friday, people!!! -.-!!


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